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Samepage is a popular online collaboration platform that allows for project management, online collaboration, file sharing, meeting scheduling, and much more. It combines screen sharing, document collaboration, chat, video conferencing, and other features on a single platform.

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  • Samepage FeaturesFile Sharing : Allows users to share files securely with colleagues via an encrypted connection.
  • Samepage FeaturesWeb Application : Provides collaborative working from any device including desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.
  • Samepage FeaturesNotifications : Get notified when new comments are added, members join or leave your team, and more.
  • Samepage FeaturesHighly flexible : Highly customizable to fit your needs, which includes the ability to rearrange boards and sections.
  • Samepage FeaturesEvent Widget : Allows you to quickly create or join events without ever leaving the software.
  • Samepage FeaturesFiles Upload : Allows easy uploading of files directly for sharing and collaboration with fellow team members.

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  • Hasty C.Operations Manager



    Project management is exceptional, and the communications networks offered by this program have been incredibly beneficial with the fantastic success we performed when we did so. Samepage provides a wide range of functionalities to boost the efficiency of a full workforce in the advance of a partnership between colleagues! My staff will launch the program instantly and efficiently and handle all the interactions of my team in one location. We like to develop all our organizational plans, team / customer chat, file sharing, private team building and more. There are no simple ways to manage multiple tasks at once, but the program is not stable in this respect. Yes, it is excellent to manage specific projects, but when you try to work with more than one project at a time the dilemma emerges. Instead of tasks, some people can have difficulties using teams. Projects (pages) can be managed in classes. Compared to other related applications on the market, using a single user is a bit pricey, meaning that the choice will be much more versatile. If you're hunting for an all-in-one project management approach, don't search anymore. Samepage can accommodate any of the specifications and has various resources available to promote the use of your contact equipment. In general, it is a program that transforms project management functionally and without using nuances, enabling the customer, while retaining the collaborative atmosphere for both his team and for many divisions in his business, to rapidly adjust all its functionalities. My team uses Sampage every day, Samepage challenges were solved: coordination, streamlined communication, transfers project management from e-mail to a successful software program for my company and easy work inside projects. This has allowed us to be more productive with the small targets we set at the beginning of each project.

  • Jennifer O.Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)



    The work staff may have a fundamental tool for better performance when carrying out projects. Guaranteed work flow and better management in various tasks, it also has different collaboration tools to efficiently maintain stable communication such as chat, conferences, share documents and keep the pleasant system saved in the cloud and it seems perfect to me that it complies with what needed. This platform has really consolidated our staff, and I have no negative experience so far regarding this platform, on the contrary, the system must improve in some aspects the cloud and conferences must improve faster and more efficient servers. Of course, every company should make use of SAMEPAGE for better performance and project management, we are happy with the results and also offers us complete tools such as chat, conferences and the cloud system in order to maintain a more pleasant and pleasant communication. a more united working group. Its tools allow my work team to have a fluency that we seek so much during this year, we can also make chats and video calls to follow up on the work that is being done, the tools are varied and allow the general use of the company with In order to deliver a complete communication to the whole company, very happy because it has allowed the entire company to keep in touch and work from home with the very complete team of Samepage software.