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StarLeaf is a secure and reliable video meeting and collaboration software for businesses. It includes calling, cloud-based messaging, creating agendas, recording, meetings, and so on with simple functionality that seamlessly connects people regardless of device.

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  • StarLeaf FeaturesDesktop Application : Perfect for those who want complete control over their meetings, from beginning to end.
  • StarLeaf FeaturesRecording : Easily record and share your sessions with colleagues or clients, and access previous recordings.
  • StarLeaf FeaturesMobile : Mobile compatibility allows you to view your meetings from any device.
  • StarLeaf FeaturesMicrosoft Outlook Integration : Integrates into every part of Microsoft Stack, making it easy to access all of your data and files.
  • StarLeaf FeaturesActivity Dashboard : Allows you to track participants' responses, views, connections made, and more.
  • StarLeaf FeaturesOn-Demand Webcasting : Gives you the ability to broadcast live or recorded webinars directly from within StarLeaf.

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  • Enric O.Sales and Marketing Specialist



    It is efficient to cover all teams and members across the globe. It allows high-quality calls and video. It integrates all the members. The calendar which is aligned is very useful. There exist good quality advantages for usage. Conference calls are important. Review collected by and hosted on

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    My company recently transitioned all of our video conferencing to Starleaf, and there have been more bumps and negative outcomes compared to positive experiences. For starters, in any given week, it feels like at least 70% of the calls have some sort of technical issue (dropped calls, sound delay). The functionality to share your screen is also very clunky and doesn't work consistently from user to user (especially when trying to share your screen over the web app - many users encounter delays and screen freezing). However, I think the biggest issue is that this software is extremely unfriendly to use with people outside of our company. We have run into several issues with outside partners being able to access presentations or screensharing during meetings and have not been able to find a good solution for this yet. Review collected by and hosted on