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BambooHR's HR system allows you to manage all of your employees from a single location. Apart from streamlining repetitive day-to-day tasks, it brings a modern approach to all hiring aspects, understanding the heart of employees, and attracting new talent for the business's growth.

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  • BambooHR FeaturesPayroll Management : Ability to manage processing paychecks, direct deposit, online payments, and more.
  • BambooHR FeaturesOnBoarding : Signs up new employees for online onboarding and helps in providing the required information.
  • BambooHR FeatureseSignatures : Securely sign documents with your employees without having to send them copies.
  • BambooHR FeaturesPerformance Management : Track employee progress and achievements against defined goals/objectives.
  • BambooHR FeaturesAttendance Management : Track total hours of work, the amount spent on targeted tasks, and much more.
  • BambooHR FeaturesReports : Generate detailed reports that help you identify areas where improvements can be made.

BambooHR Ratings and ReviewsBambooHR Ratings and Reviews

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  • Denese Kyle S.Real Estate



    The feel of the software is that it will make things easier and simpler for you, the interface is gorgeous - it is aesthetically pleasing. It will basically help you to streamline HR processes - everything from onboarding, tracking of hours, time offs, payroll, benefits management, employee data, announcements, employment programs, taxes, etc. Personally, this platform has helped us a lot with our productivity to be more efficient. I love that we use this platform as a time tracker, it streamlined the process of our onboarding which includes all paperwork. We also have the option to track hours, evaluations, payroll, applicants, etc. We even get extensive reports that would allow us to generate data and quickly analyze it. And of course, their customer service is really great. They listen and consider feedbacks. Great communication overall.

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    I have used BambooHR for two small businesses (legal services and construction). The first was an existing business that had no electronic HR processes or software and the second was a start-up. BambooHR is used for full employee life-cycle management, time tracking, performance management, applicant tracking, and benefits management.
    BambooHR really needs to improve their time tracking. Hours need to be shown by weekly total or at least have the option. The employees should have to actually approve their time and then if they need a change go in and approve it again. This would create a better audit trail to print for DOL claims that an employer is messing with a timecard without having to keep separate documentation that a request was being made. In addition, if you pull a payroll report, the totals don't always calculate correctly. They either need to show the rounding or show the full digits. The onboarding and offboarding processes need to hold to email until the user finishes customizing the tasks to be sent. When the tasks are all set up ahead and then backed out by person hired, they should not go out until they are finished being adjusted. Currently as soon as you import, it notifies the person assigned to the task. Former employees should have access to the system for at least three years. There is no reason we should have to manually give them documents such as pay statements, or W-2s manually. BambooHR needs to have better search options, you should be able to search by nickname, maiden name, social security, birthday, etc. Recently bambooHR added the ability to organize employee documents by folder, but they took the ability to download documents en mass. They need to add that back. It is a very difficult to download folder by folder. BambooHR shows all birthday in a rolling format on the home page. This is great, but they should only show 10-30 days before and after (customer choice). When you have limited employees a birthday can show up months ahead. They have a signed documents report to track and remind those who have not yet signed digital documents. However, it would be better if you had an option to notify supervisors when they are dragging their heels. In addition, there needs to be a way to archive the document list when completed and create a new one by date even if you are using the same document. This is an absolute cluttered mess and very messy to track and follow up on. DocuSign does it much better. There needs to be a way to pull a payroll report with salaries and standard hours for exempt employees with the hourly employees. Trax is not always a payroll option and you need a way to pull a report looking for variances. Performance management is weak. You cannot customize it at all. It only fits the functionality they want you to use. Benefits stink if you have more than one option per benefit. They really need to upgrade this function. Report data is garbage. The time accruals show rounded totals and allow employees to go negative. Customer service thinks it is bad idea to stop an employee from going negative in their time off. This should be the customer's choice. They refuse to change this function.