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BambooHR's HR system allows you to manage all of your employees from a single location. Apart from streamlining repetitive day-to-day tasks, it brings a modern approach to all hiring aspects, understanding the heart of employees, and attracting new talent for the business's growth.

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  • BambooHR FeaturesPayroll Management : Ability to manage processing paychecks, direct deposit, online payments, and more.
  • BambooHR FeaturesOnBoarding : Signs up new employees for online onboarding and helps in providing the required information.
  • BambooHR FeatureseSignatures : Securely sign documents with your employees without having to send them copies.
  • BambooHR FeaturesPerformance Management : Track employee progress and achievements against defined goals/objectives.
  • BambooHR FeaturesAttendance Management : Track total hours of work, the amount spent on targetted tasks, and much more.
  • BambooHR FeaturesReports : Generate detailed reports that help you identify areas where improvements can be made.

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  • Lesley B.Director of HR



    The reporting tool is excellent. It has allowed us to analyse sickness and timeoff especially over the last 2 years during the pandemic. We also used API to access everyone's phone number to send a text message update at the start of the pandemic to let everyone know what course we were taking. On a broader note, the Employee Survey has given us areas to address and we are improving our eNPS score every 6 months, which is great for employee engagement. We have recently started using the Hiring function which is proving very popular with the management team, allowing them to record their comments and share with others their thoughts on CVs and candidates, as well as being able to email the candidate through BambooHR, making an offer and onboarding. Great to have this functionality all in one place, it makes for a more efficient process.
    The software is easy to navigate and employees love using it. We have integrated it with other applications which works well allowing us to keep track of training. Best use has been through Time Off, Perfomance Management, Hiring, Onboarding/Offboarding, eNPS Employee Satisfaction Surveys and the reporting is excellent. Also, very happy with help and support you get from the BambooHR team. I have asked for additinal tabs to track secruity clearances and various other things, nothing is too much trouble.
    I would like to see the 'signature' aspects improved. I have starting using this a lot, but have issues with not being able to access external emails for contract signing capability. Also, when my forms are being completed, during the process of going from one person to another, the text runs off the form. It corrects itself once the final signature is complete, but this could be vital information which is missed by the final signer.

  • Verified User in Computer SoftwareMid-Market(51-1000 emp.)



    There's not much that I like about BambooHR, to be very honest. The low price point is appealing. Many functions are like black holes; the system does a really bad job at notifying you of changes or comments on things you'd think you'd be looped into (like comments on onboarding tasks you've assigned). The integration with Workable is extremely basic and we have to do a lot of manual data input. Some of the reports are not exportable (such as missing data report). You are also not able to mass request updates - while you can see how many of your employees have not input their address, you can't edit or export the report. You also can't request they update it within Bamboo, making the report essentially useless - the only thing you can do is ask your employees to update by sending them an 'announcement' (nothing is enforced). The customizations are not self-serve and you need to reach out to BambooHR to set up. Strange functionality across the platform where things don't act as you'd expect them to or you run into snags. Support is spotty. HRIS