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Meta4 PeopleNet is made to make your company's HR procedures more efficient. The core HR services offered by this industry-leading all-in-one integrated solution include complete talent management, personnel administration, compensation management, and workforce management, as well as time and attendance tracking and much more.

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About Meta4 PeopleNet

Meta4 PeopleNet Features

  • Meta4 PeopleNet FeaturesIndividuals Global Management : Adapts to local available legislations as per global information.
  • Meta4 PeopleNet FeaturesInternal Mobility : Allows managers to manage the internal mobility of employees, position change, role, etc.
  • Meta4 PeopleNet FeaturesEmployee Portal : View current and past compensation information, HR status updates, company notifications, etc.
  • Meta4 PeopleNet FeaturesManager Portal : View employee performance data in real-time, assign tasks, review completed jobs, etc.
  • Meta4 PeopleNet FeaturesOrganizational Management : Manage the organization's structure, policies, and procedures or track employee performance metrics.
  • Meta4 PeopleNet FeaturesPersonnel Administration : Identifies best performing employees and acknowledges them for key attributes.

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  • Jaime P.Talent development coordinator



    We went paperless and are way more efficient, also everything is almost automated and effortless; certainly our employees appreciated.
    The fact that we were able to some degree to personalize the tool so it could fit our processes and was almost seamless transfer over, was the best part.
    The implementation part in our case was not as good as could have hoped for, in regards of training. Make sure you get people come in over to your company or send over people to get them trained.

  • Allan MoralesRegional Training Manager



    For us, the main decision-making point was that when you compare these, they have similar capabilities but the cost varies a lot, and that was key for us when making decisions especially since one of the goals was to lower cost down and to make it scalable, so we decided to move on.
    Meta4 PeopleNet Talent Management is an excellent solution for Human Capital Management overall, and if what you are looking for is an integrated end-to-end employee lifecycle management solution then I would highly recommend it, it is more cost-effective when compared to similar tools in the market, the graphical user interface is excellent, and data is presented in a clean and friendly manner.
    Clean and easy navigation: it is very user-friendly and compared to other solutions I have utilized, there is a clear difference on how information is displayed and also ease of navigation and speed of response of the platform. All modules are really integrated and it is so much power when there is a correlation between say the data displayed in Talent Management and the info seen on the C&B module for example from a performance and compensation perspective, visualizing info and being able to analyze it easier for decision making. Customizable, in our case, we use the solution and enjoy the multiple benefits and efficiencies due to how data is organized and presented and the same time we have the advantage that the user interface is all customized to our own corporate brand/look and feel, color palette and graphical line.
    My experience is that interface customization for go-live has been a little heavier and took more time than what was originally planned, so maybe taking more time to analyze and for functional matching will help ease up the process in the end. More flexibility in terms of how the solution integrates its modules to our existing processes and systems. The third could be adding some type of employee mood meter which can be a good tool for measuring employee satisfaction.