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Immersed allows you to experience your work in a novel and engaging way. It allows you to easily collaborate with teams and share virtual monitors from your computers into your VR headsets without the need for any additional hardware.

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About Immersed

Immersed Features

  • Immersed FeaturesMultiple Monitors : Allows you to connect up to 5 virtual monitors from your computer to VR.
  • Immersed FeaturesPortability : Offers complete wireless or mobile solutions to take Immesed everywhere you go.
  • Immersed FeaturesTelepresence : Allows you to work in a similar virtual room with over 4 people.
  • Immersed FeaturesMulti-Screen Sharing : Allows sharing multiple screens with others no matter what device you are using.
  • Immersed FeaturesRemote Whiteboarding : Allows users to brainstorm ideas anytime and anywhere with their remote team members.
  • Immersed FeaturesUser-Access Management : Allows users to be authenticated, connect to a project, and manage outputs.

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