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Perplexity AI offers an all-in-one advanced search game-changing tool that has the potential to revolutionize the way we access and evaluate information online. Anyone with any profession can use this software seamlessly.

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  • sidiculous

    Not really a chatbot per se, but it beats the pants off any search based NLP, such as Bing AI. Way better, in that it has a lot less limitations, and does not throw tantrums and leave if you point out errors. It'll take criticism positively and not only that, it's much faster, more accurate and provides many more references than others do. They also have an Android app, which blows Bing AI away in terms of speed, reliability, user friendliness and cleanliness. The interface is simple, unlike B...

  • mduderson

    Like other reviews say, an "acceptable" alternative to ChatGPT. -Works on VPN, no account required. -Free, fast, gives a quick answer rather than Googling. No real complaints for basic AI needs.

  • wajeeh

    It can be considered an acceptable alternative to chatGBT , as it provides similar services, but with sometimes lower quality