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Evolve IP Unified Communications can help you to deliver multiple types of messages to a single location, including voice, video, and chat. This platform provides an easy-to-use interface that is designed for the modern workplace. It also integrates with various systems and devices so that your employees can access their work materials from any device or location.

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About Evolve IP Unified Communications

Evolve IP Unified Communications Features

  • Evolve IP Unified Communications FeaturesHD Video Calling : Leverage the highest quality video resolution to build trust and be more engaging.
  • Evolve IP Unified Communications FeaturesUnified Messaging : Enable users to communicate quickly with multiple types of messages, like voice mail, email, and fax.
  • Evolve IP Unified Communications FeaturesSuperb Reliability : Get uptime reliability of 99.999% & keep all your systems & tools running independently of office conditions.
  • Evolve IP Unified Communications FeaturesCollaboration Features : Supports all collaboration functionalities like file sharing, screen sharing, and desktop sharing.
  • Evolve IP Unified Communications FeaturesOpen Seating / Hoteling : Turns any phone that employees log into a primary work phone.
  • Evolve IP Unified Communications FeaturesCloud Fax : Offers the ability to send and receive faxes in a format of your choice with a single click on the desktop.

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    Provides good call quality. The system supports a large number of hand-sets including desk-top phones and conference room phones. With the CloudConnect device, it allowed us to segment the voice traffic from our data traffic. The system does an OK job of transcribing messages into email. The integration into Outlook does not work. We want to be able to click on a phone number in an email and have it dial that number. This is prominently featured on their web-site, but it does not work. As we have tried to trouble-shoot the problem, there does not appear to be anyone on the EvolveIP side who is willing to dig in and truly own the problem. We get the same questions over-and-over, and cannot get someone to step up and work with us on-site to fix this once and for all. Be sure to understand exactly what you need and talk to their customers that they are getting it. We saw a demo of what we wanted, but no one can make our system work the way the demo works. We left behind our old PBX and deployed a new IP-based phone system. We wanted to be able to have the phones sit on the credenza behind the desk and interact with the phone via the PC/Mac. We wanted to be able to have the features of a modern phone system and not worry about the legacy PBX.

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    The software allows me to connect to co-workers at various sites. The company that I work for has more than 13 sites throughout Philadelphia.
    It lacks a few things such as modern emojis, boardrooms, and it still has status updates.