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Upscope is a secure, and interactive co-browsing application. You can collaborate with your teams remotely, communicate with customers in real-time, and solve complex problems with ease. This is the most sought-after solution for enhancing the customer experience in industries such as healthcare, finance, and SaaS.

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  • Upscope FeaturesDeep Searching : Allows searching online users by name, location, and IP address.
  • Upscope FeaturesNetwork Support : Works for local hosts and even IP-restricted websites using its in‑browser proxy solution.
  • Upscope FeaturesComplete Customization : Powerful Javascript API allows customizing prompts, alerts, and everything in between.
  • Upscope FeaturesLive Chat Integration : Integrates effortlessly with one’s existing live chat system, eliminating the need for a whole new system.
  • Upscope FeaturesSimple Team Join : Lets team members join quickly on the same email domain through its fast sign-up process.
  • Upscope Features2-Step Login : Provides rapid & secure login through its 2-step email login process that eliminates password reuse risk.

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Top Reviews
  • Mike N.Customer support



    Issues can be solved quickly and easily with clients who are not tech savvy. Video and audio quality is good. The feature for us navigating through their screen is great. There is nothing that needs to be downloaded from clients end, it can be used straight away Nothing much to dislike. Integration is working, and it does its job. We find it helpful for our team Some clients are not tech savvy, so they do not understand what needs to be done on their end which can be very time consuming for us. It's easily resolved with upscope with quick share-screen call which supports audio as well. The option (co-browsing) for navigating through clients screen is found very useful

  • Michael Z.Sales Manager



    I like how easy and fast it is to use, and how easily it integrates with our company! The other thing that is very helpful is being able to show them exactly what you want them to click by highlighting it or circling it so they can see what it is you are explaining to them. I do not like the random accounts you can choose from when you first pull up Upscope. It's a very limited number. I think it would be better if it were all accounts in alphabetical order, however, I understand the bandwidth concern. The only thing I would consider is upgrading your servers to be able to provide more information at once. I know software engineer so I really don't even know if that is the answer. I have found it very beneficial to get on the same page with the customer and walk them through exactly what you need them to do. Another thing that we are solving is finding bugs on our platform that we may have not noticed because we are watching the customer first hand and can verify when something is not working correctly.

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