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Vonage is a popular AI-powered cloud contact center solution that excels in elevating customer experiences through advanced AI capabilities. With seamless sales and service optimization, it boosts team productivity and satisfaction while providing valuable data-driven insights. Users can rely on Vonage's comprehensive features to enhance business performance and customer engagement, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to improve their customer interactions and streamline operations. Overall, Vonage empowers businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences across the board.

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  • Verified UserConsultant

    Vonage is used for using both domestic and international calls. It is used by the administration and management department of the organization. It is very easy to make the calls and the quality of the call is very good. Video conferencing would be an added advantage.
    The call clarity. The quality of the call is so good and clear with crispness of voice. Vonage is user-friendly. International calls are so easy to make and it is so easy that it sounds like calls. The call charges are very competitive and the customer service is very good - they resolve our issues in no time. International calls are made easy without boundaries with full sound clarity for cheaper rates. The Vonage app is an added advantage - it is easy on the go and the data rates apply only when there is no wifi The phone contacts are easily adopted by the vonage app and the data is not used unnecessarily.

  • Jay DonaldsonPartner

    We use Vonage across our organization. We love the ease of setup, the phone systems, ease of use, and ability to handle conferences through Chime.
    Chime - comes with our account, used to hold online meetings and screen share Stable, consistant connections Able to easily customize settings - personal and business-wide

  • Verified UserAdministrator

    We use Vonage Business Cloud throughout our entire organization. Before switching, we used an old PBX system which was hard to program without paying a service tech to come in and charge us an hourly rate. Even just simple things like changing our answering machine greeting were hard since we didn't do it every day. Switching to Vonage was one of the best decisions we ever made. All of our users are now connected in an easy to manage portal and desk phones are a snap to set up.
    User setup and direct calling number assignment was a snap Easy to add and remove users and program extensions The mobile app is great and functions just like a desk phone Call forwarding to mobile devices and voicemail are all set up very easily by the end user