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Birdeye is a review management and messaging platform for businesses that want to maximize their online reputation. With customizable reviews, an automated solicitation process, AI-driven analytics insights, and seamless CRM integration - it equips organizations with all they need to engage customers more effectively whilst increasing sales revenue in today's crowded market. Advanced reporting features make sure no opportunity will go missed as companies strive towards growth and success.

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Birdeye Features

  • Birdeye FeaturesInsights : Helps transform customer feedback into actionable insights with AI.
  • Birdeye FeaturesBenchmarking : Allows users to access competitor's public data from 150+ review sites and 300M websites.
  • Birdeye FeaturesTicketing : Improves customer satisfaction, reduces churn, and converts detractors proactively.
  • Birdeye FeaturesMass Texting : Sends texts to leads and customers and handles responses from one place.
  • Birdeye FeaturesSocial : Helps scale social media for all locations with powerful bulk publishing tools.
  • Birdeye FeaturesWebchat : Engages with prospects in real-time, conducts virtual consults, and follow-up via text to increase conversions.

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  • Sandra F.Construction



    Product was easy to use. The ease of navigating the website and app was friendly.

  • Verified UserManager



    We were fortunate to find Birdeye and implement their services for managing and acquiring reviews for my company. Prior to Birdeye, our system was not productive and extremely time consuming. Birdeye simplified this entire process! Everything from monitoring current reviews to sending professional review requests in a timely manner. Great experience!
    Less sales calls from different Birdeye employees Onboarding process was great but probably 1 too many calls