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Salesforce CRM makes it possible for companies to keep track of all of their client information and communications in one location. Along with optimizing operations, it aids businesses everywhere in maintaining contact with leads and customers to close deals more quickly than ever before and increase profitability.

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  • Salesforce CRM FeaturesAccount and Contact Management : Allows you to manage your accounts and contacts in a centralized location.
  • Salesforce CRM FeaturesOpportunity Management : Helps track and analyze sales progress and identify potential opportunities.
  • Salesforce CRM FeaturesReporting & Analytics : Help you to measure the performance of your business.
  • Salesforce CRM FeaturesQuote Management : Keep track of quotes, contracts, and negotiations with quotes in a central location.
  • Salesforce CRM FeaturesLead Management : Automatically adds leads to Salesforce CRM as they come in from any source.
  • Salesforce CRM FeaturesSales Histories : View and analyze sales data from past periods to make more informed decisions.

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  • Lauren B.Channel Marketing Manager



    Reporting view is very easy to create and customize. It's helpful in all aspects of the sales cycle and marketing activity. It's best for a visual graph view which is easy to customize and create charts or bar graphs. Creating opportunities is fairly easy, and the option to include more information in VARIOUS areas is great, even though it can be overwhelming, I try to remove fields I will never use so the visual is more condensed. It can be overwhelming with the fields and information if you don't know what you need or what to enter directly. There is no way to condense it because having the option is helpful. Creating opps isn't difficult, but it requires a ton of manual entry, which is time-consuming. I wish there was a better way to integrate auto-publishing or to populate to alleviate the time it takes to enter information. Because of this, many opps are missing information that others have, creating skews in the data and hence reporting. Tracking each opportunity in the sales cycle and for us tracking sales and pipeline activity (or tying back to specific activities) if done correctly. Our CRM in Salesforce is great though.

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    Salesforce Lighting is comparable to the competition, but the thing about Salesforce Lightning is that they allow you to really customize the environment within which you are working. Plus their app exchange has many other systems that you can connect to and automate, which is a huge benefit when looking to customize this for your team/business.
    It doesn't differentiate itself much from the classic version other than the UI. Because of that, I've been hesitant to switch as I'm already comfortable using the classic version and it doesn't motivate me to make the jump. It's possible that there are features that I'm missing out on that perhaps Salesforce could do a better job of educating me on.
    A simplified, clean user interface. For me, the setup is more organized than before. The assistance feature on the home page is a nice touch.
    Lightning doesn't seem a customizable as the classic version. Overall, the biggest change is simply the UI. Other than that, it doesn't motivate you to switch over if you prefer the classic version. Not all integrations with Salesforce are Lightning-ready.

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