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BoardEffect is a board portal management software that drives efficient, crystal clear, and security governance. The platform comes with the right set of tools and analytics for leaders of higher education institutions, nonprofits, healthcare professionals/organizations, etc.

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  • BoardEffect FeaturesMulti-Faceted : Allows to securely access & manage board books, scheduling, surveys, approvals, tasks, and archives.
  • BoardEffect FeaturesIntuitive Design : Perfect for speeding up preparation, collaboration, and review of critical board management materials.
  • BoardEffect FeaturesUnified Experience : Supports real-time planning, action, and execution of meeting management materials from any device.
  • BoardEffect FeaturesWidest Niche Support : Provides modern governance to a range of industries from the healthcare system to a general nonprofit.
  • BoardEffect FeaturesMeetings Scheduler : Allows scheduling a meeting and supports RSVPs collection to optimize upcoming events attendance.
  • BoardEffect FeaturesCentral Storage : Provides one location to store everything board-related like strategic plans, policies, and procedures.

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  • Susan D.Executive Assistant to the CEO



    It helps me assemble voluminous Board books and put together governance committee manuals. I have had a few problems (logo placement) that took months for BoardEffect to fix. Great product. The team at BoardEffect try to update the product in response to customer feedback. I was disappointed in how long a logo upload issue took to get resolved, but in general feedback is quick. I attended a BoardEffect conference recently and had mixed reviews, but was never sent a survey after the conference, and that to me is a negative. Creating Board materials manually is not necessary and anyone doing so is wasting time. BoardEffect has streamlined the process tremendously. I can create a manual and a table of contents/cover page all at once. This is a major time saver for me. I can store materials in a library for our Board to access - very helpful.

  • Verified User in Higher EducationMid-Market(51-1000 emp.)



    It's easy to upload meeting documents and modify meeting information in this platform. I like the built-in calendar and the ability to RSVP or designate RSVP privileges to someone else. The interface is very, very clean, and you can access the platform easily via browser or your phone. Now that we've been using this for several months, I still find switching between workrooms and libraries to be a little confusing. Maybe it's just how my organization has this set up internally, but I think this could be streamlined to make things easier for end users Give it a shot! There is a bit of work to do on the front end to get started, but it was worth it for us We use this to manage content for our monthly board meetings. Before switching to BoardEffect, we were using a homegrown dashboard that was not very user-friendly; this new software has completely changed how we prepare for and run our meetings (in a good way)