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BoardPAC is an enterprise board management software that simplifies, digitizes, and secures all your board directors’ and members' meetings in over 40 countries. With BoardPAC, users can hold their board meetings with ease, backed by robust security features for efficient decision-making.

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  • BoardPAC FeaturesMeeting & Resolution Management : Features easy-to-set-up agendas and allows for uploading of agenda items.
  • BoardPAC FeaturesMeeting Minutes : Makes compiling post-meeting minutes a breeze with tasks assignment, reminders, and follow-ups.
  • BoardPAC FeaturesVoting & Surveys : Provides a user-friendly facility to set up board voting and includes a survey module for complex scenarios.
  • BoardPAC FeaturesAction Tracking : Tracks meetings’ complete lifecycle from a pre-board set of tasks to post-meeting tasks.
  • BoardPAC FeaturesPresenter Management : Keeps presenters informed about the next slot through status sound alerts & internal messaging.
  • BoardPAC FeaturesVideos Support : Offers the ability to add videos, providing additional information about crucial decisions.

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    Uploading and sharing Board Papers for meetings the lack of knowledge of some users. Specilaly Directors sharing Board papers. it saves paper and time

  • Nisala K.Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)



    BoardPAC offers high security and confidentiality for the banking sector. Some of these practices are encryption AES 256 end to end. Trusted device verification, remote wipe out, lockout. We also use the on- premise deployment to conform to the central banks added requirement for data storage. The screen share mode of BoardPAC called presenter mode is extra useful at these times where remote board meetings are needed with some participants not attending in person. This allows the remote participants to easily follow the screen of the organizer and be aware of the discussion items along with the whiteboard function offered by BoardPAC to show the position in the page the organizer is focusing on. The intuitive dashboard for members is a great help. The easy access to the meetings and actions increases adoption and helps us to have all board members using the system and therefore avoiding requesting for the paper packs. For meeting preparation and agenda uploading, we find the functionality very useful and gives us the ability to schedule and create meetings quickly. Also helps us manage the workflow from prior to the meeting with obtaining documents from the departments and loading them as a batch upload to the agenda. The post board actions also such as meeting minutes and task tracking and notifications makes work smooth for us at the corporate office. Product support is very strong. I have total confidence that the support team is at hand if I need any query addressed. Price is affordable and value for money for the high quality of the solution offered and for the ongoing attention and work the BoardPAC team places year on year. We are happy customer for over 5 years. Over the five years of our usage of BoardPAC at the bank, BoardPAC has evolved and continues to do so. There is nothing we dislike at the moment. The BoardPAC product team continues to engage with us to understand our work and they solve any challenges that arise time to time as a improvement in the BoardPAC roadmap as free updates. I highly recommend BoardPAC as a enterprise grade functional solution for the banking and financial sector. It has met with our compliances of security policies and usability requirements. The functionality as a board secretary is useful. It covers the pre-board steps of collecting the board material from the divisions in a organized manner with the ability for the divisions to independently login and submit material in a timely manner with notifications. It allows me as the board secretary to notify results and minutes back to the divisional persons in through the system with automated steps. I am also pleased to inform that we are happy with the support and service offered through our five years of usage of BoardPAC. The cost and purchase of additional licenses is easy when we have had to expand our licenses. Overall we are happy to recommend the solution to other large companies The ability to instantly contact directors where ever they are is a benefit. When we used paper based board meetings informing board members of updates in a secure and reliable manner was a great challenge. This is solved by BoardPAC. BoardPAC is helping us with enabling audio video for the remote virtual board meetings which is a important benefit at these times where participation totally or partially takes place without the face to face meeting. Scheduling meetings was difficult earlier but with BoardPAC the scheduling of future dates of meetings is made easy. Board Members also collaborate more on sharing comments prior to the meeting and therefore the review of the pack is more comprehensive than before. The cost of large paper packs for the bank main board meetings and the committee meetings has been saved. Hi, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a 5-star rating - it's much appreciated! Team BoardPAC