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BoardPAC is an enterprise board management software that simplifies, digitizes, and secures all your board directors’ and members' meetings in over 40 countries. With BoardPAC, users can hold their board meetings with ease, backed by robust security features for efficient decision-making.

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Positive Comments
  • Nikita S.Assistant to Company Secretary

    BoardPac application is a tech-savvy version of conducting meetings as compared to physical ones. It is very helpful for Company Secretaries, Secretarial & Compliance Team. A lot of Companies Act & Secretarial Standard rules are followed in this application. It becomes very easy to be transparent with the auditors since it has multiple settings of disclosures. Also, the users can maintain secrecy in their version of Boardpac which also promotes the use of this application to be used by the other end. The best & easy features provided by BoardPac are as follows:- 1. Easy access to past meetings with agendas, quick controls over meeting status, VC Integration & like features in circular management. 2. Can easily work with creation & management of the meeting through back-end & admin login & also gives quick controls in case of emergency. 3. The latest update has a lot of many features which will help the organiser's work more simple & efficient - e.g URL, Send reminders, types in Web Conference system - Teams & Webex. It should be accessible to Android phone applications to cover more users. 1. Easy access to past meetings with agendas, quick controls over meeting status, VC Integration & like features in circular management. 2. Can easily work with creation & management of the meeting through back-end & admin login & also gives quick controls in case of emergency. 3. The latest update has a lot many features which will help the organiser's work more simple & efficient - e.g URL , Send reminders, types in Web Conference system - Teams & Webex.

  • Aushadhi G.Internal Audit Manager II

    The use of BoardPAC has reduced the cost of printing board papers for directors and it has become very much user friendly further it has reduced our time in conducting and manging the Board Audit Committee meetings. There are no adverse comments relating to BoardPAC. To manage the Board meeting more effectively with a paperless environment it is advised to go for BoardPAC BoardPAC has led us to a paperless environment which has huge cost savings and as well as it is also time-saving. Further, it has improved the effectiveness of the Board Audit Committee meetings as well.

  • Verified User in Financial ServicesMid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

    I've been using Boardpac since 2017, and the experience I have to share is all positive. Boardpac excels in customer assistance in troubleshooting and relationship management. Their "upwards and onwards" approach toward the rapidly changing requisites of the corporate world, is a motivation factor for us clients as well. In my opinion , I'm yet to come across something I dislike Go for it Boardpac is a life saver for all officials involved in putting together a Board meeting and any document management process which involves the Board of Directors of a company.

Negative Comments
  • Nisala K.Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

    BoardPAC offers high security and confidentiality for the banking sector. Some of these practices are encryption AES 256 end to end. Trusted device verification, remote wipe out, lockout. We also use the on- premise deployment to conform to the central banks added requirement for data storage. The screen share mode of BoardPAC called presenter mode is extra useful at these times where remote board meetings are needed with some participants not attending in person. This allows the remote participants to easily follow the screen of the organizer and be aware of the discussion items along with the whiteboard function offered by BoardPAC to show the position in the page the organizer is focusing on. The intuitive dashboard for members is a great help. The easy access to the meetings and actions increases adoption and helps us to have all board members using the system and therefore avoiding requesting for the paper packs. For meeting preparation and agenda uploading, we find the functionality very useful and gives us the ability to schedule and create meetings quickly. Also helps us manage the workflow from prior to the meeting with obtaining documents from the departments and loading them as a batch upload to the agenda. The post board actions also such as meeting minutes and task tracking and notifications makes work smooth for us at the corporate office. Product support is very strong. I have total confidence that the support team is at hand if I need any query addressed. Price is affordable and value for money for the high quality of the solution offered and for the ongoing attention and work the BoardPAC team places year on year. We are happy customer for over 5 years. Over the five years of our usage of BoardPAC at the bank, BoardPAC has evolved and continues to do so. There is nothing we dislike at the moment. The BoardPAC product team continues to engage with us to understand our work and they solve any challenges that arise time to time as a improvement in the BoardPAC roadmap as free updates. I highly recommend BoardPAC as a enterprise grade functional solution for the banking and financial sector. It has met with our compliances of security policies and usability requirements. The functionality as a board secretary is useful. It covers the pre-board steps of collecting the board material from the divisions in a organized manner with the ability for the divisions to independently login and submit material in a timely manner with notifications. It allows me as the board secretary to notify results and minutes back to the divisional persons in through the system with automated steps. I am also pleased to inform that we are happy with the support and service offered through our five years of usage of BoardPAC. The cost and purchase of additional licenses is easy when we have had to expand our licenses. Overall we are happy to recommend the solution to other large companies The ability to instantly contact directors where ever they are is a benefit. When we used paper based board meetings informing board members of updates in a secure and reliable manner was a great challenge. This is solved by BoardPAC. BoardPAC is helping us with enabling audio video for the remote virtual board meetings which is a important benefit at these times where participation totally or partially takes place without the face to face meeting. Scheduling meetings was difficult earlier but with BoardPAC the scheduling of future dates of meetings is made easy. Board Members also collaborate more on sharing comments prior to the meeting and therefore the review of the pack is more comprehensive than before. The cost of large paper packs for the bank main board meetings and the committee meetings has been saved. Hi, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a 5-star rating - it's much appreciated! Team BoardPAC

  • Shehara de S.Non Exec Director

    Organises and optimises reading and accessing board papers classed under tabs ..such as pending approvals amended Agenda Items etc ability to annotate and share annotations, track comments its secure ,confidential and robust.with resource persons on call if needed .And in a virtual meeting context it's been such a God send. Frankly it's made governance and meeting management so much easier and productive.That on the boards I sit that dont use it I feel handicapped.its easy to get hooked on it's simple user interface. Use it and then you will understand how convenient it is and how it organises and facilitates decision making and meeting management. Have worked at suite level as head of strategy of several multinational companies ..I am on about 10 Boards only 30% use it.I have been on different boards for over 20years..I find this is a game changer .Functionality wise a board meeting without Board pack is like using a typewriter as opposed to using a computer.its b ecoming almost indispensable for better board meeting and management and oversight. It's the organisation of papers by agenda Item and it's easy annotation function to track and record comments..makes a big difference on follow up on matters discussed and validating board minutes and decisions. Saves carbon footprint. unneseccary use of piles of paper and hard copies Board members are actually far more collaborative in their board monitering rigour. Everyone has the paper in front of them and they are not scrambling around for relevant paper or page.. In short it enhances Governance and oversight as two words. Hi Shehara, We are so grateful for your review. Thanks for sharing your rating with us and the community. Team BoardPAC

  • Nadeem M.Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

    Love the latest addition to Video enabled virtual meetings Presenter mode - As this helps me deliver and discuss training content with my team Highly secure encrypted in-app chat among closed groups E-signing and approval with ease Voting, approvals and surveys Its a simple easy to use collaborative tool I have nothing I dislike at this point Its user friendly, Secure and cost effective. Working remotely is gonna be the new norm and having BoardPAC has helped me work on my training content in confidence and give me the assurance that none of my material will be out there on the web till i want it to be. Its helped our organisation share confidential training content with our freelance trainers Its been a great tool to reach our team working remotely BoardPAC has helped my team finalize training content swiftly and securely Absolutely love the presenter mode Dear Nadeem, Thank you for your valuable review and feedback! It was a delight to read your positive comment. Thank you for being our valued customer!

Top Comments by Capterra
  • William M.VP

    There will be lots of angry users and management if you implement BoardPAC. There are much better solutions. Will not recommend BoardPAC.
    Supports MP4 video upload. Side-by-side version comparison of uploaded files with option to copy over annotations.
    Compared to other solutions, BoardPAC's method of creating a meeting and uploading files is cumbersome and time consuming to use. BoardPAC has lots to learn from others whereby simple drag-and-drop of files is really a breeze. BoardPAC does not support these common file formats - TXT, PPT, PPS, XLS and XLSX. So strange that it supports PPTX but not PPT. And also it has a strange requirement that files uploaded must be of minimun 5KB in size. Why? Changing the position of agenda items can use drag-and-drop but it is buggy and clumsy to use. Must remember to click "Save" as it doesn't automatically save the repositioning for you. For the meeting organiser, there is no easy way to determine whether an agenda item has been updated with the correct file version because you cannot see the filename of the uploaded file. Need to open the file to manually see the content to verify. So frustrating to use. There is no single click publishing of the meeting. Need to click the 'tick' mark for each uploaded file to 'confirm' before the file is visible to users. Imagine if you have lots of files, really too troublesome to use. Good idea to have side-by-side version comaprison but the way it is implemented makes it hard to identify which annotations are for which page to be transferred. Annotations on iPad app is unfriendly to use. There is no text tool for typing text on the page. Sharing annotations is not real time sync and buggy. Unreliable and unusable.

  • Botlenyana Iris R.Office Manager

    We have had a massive cost saving on printing because BoardPAC has turned us into a paperless entity when it comes to the preparation of board packs. And the time spent on printing and binding has been cut drastically. The documents that have to be approved get approved during the meeting, we don't have to wait for board members to make time to sign a document.
    Ease of use, time-saving as I only have to upload the documents required, cost-saving as I don't have to spend much on printing board packs. Very easy to track meetings, and the approval functionality is the best for me as I don't have to wait for board members to be available to sign the paper
    i have no dislikes about this software.

  • Divya R.coordinator- Group Corporate Services

    so far BoardPac experience has been great. it has provided a consistent and reliable service that we can depend on to manage our meetings efficiently and effectively. BoardPac Service team is readily available to resolve any challenges we face with BoardPac. Value for Money.
    wanted to explore another software that was affordable and reliable.
    what i most like about BoardPac is the fact that it is easy to install and use and the software has security features to ensure that it is not vulnerable to threats and cyber attacks.
    that fact that the software is not compatible to install in certain devices.

  • Verified Reviewer

    overall the solution is very secure and reliable
    Share documents, Cost and efficiency in terms of printing cost and time, and Corporate social responsibility reducing the amount of paper used.
    No option to postpone the meeting instead of cancelling the date of meeting. The papers should be uploaded as a new meeting.Uploading a file capacity should be consideredUploading files after scanning each documents is time consuming and hassle. There is no automatic numbering for insertion of agenda items.

  • Shireen W.Company Secretary

    Fantastic experience, considering the amount of time taken to prepare and distribute board papers in the past, which only takes a few minutes if you are familiar with the Boardpac product.
    The necessity of maintaining in hardcopy form of Board Papers is avoided, ease of finding past documents, actioning items is made easy
    The non-availability of storing policy documents when it comes to a Group of Companies where the documents needs to be segregated to each company.

  • Nor Hananie S.Manager

    Meetings are easy to be handled because no need to print hardcopy documents, and the users can view the documents anywhere. During this recent MCO, the usage of Boardpac is fully utilised, and it is very helpful and beneficial.
    Its features - easy to use, friendly and straight forward - as an administrator, I don't have much problem to guide the users.
    I did not come across any issues so far.