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Bramble is a virtual space creator that allows you to create social gatherings for a wide range of online activities. It can be used to host online meetups, conferences, webinars, events, and whatever else comes to mind. Besides this, it makes it simple to explore virtual worlds, go for walks, bump into friends, and so on.

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  • bramble FeaturesProfile : See your profile by just tapping avatar, and make changes as and when you want.
  • bramble FeaturesGroups : Browse anyone’s profile by tapping on their avatar and adding interesting profiles to your group.
  • bramble FeaturesControls : Enables movement with arrow keys for keyboard users & with on-screen joysticks for mobile users.
  • bramble FeaturesCustomization : Allows users to customize their space with images, videos, music, and embedded websites.
  • bramble FeaturesEmbed Anything : Supports whiteboards, 100s of games, and many collaboration software.
  • bramble FeaturesAll Inclusive : Offers everything for online social gatherings from virtual happy hours to team-building activities.

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  • Izzy E.Developer



    The spatial video technology places Bramble at the top of my list. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Emelda D.UX Design Intern



    It has been good so far except that it lags behind sometimes. I do not know if this is due to network issues or the platform itself. Other than that I give everything else a thumbs up. Review collected by and hosted on