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iDeals Board is a comprehensive board meeting management tool designed to streamline and enhance the boardroom experience. It offers a range of features such as secure document sharing, meeting agenda creation, voting capabilities, minute-taking, and collaboration tools. With its intuitive interface and advanced security measures, iDeals Board ensures efficient and confidential communication among board members, fostering effective decision-making and governance processes.

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iDeals Board Features

  • iDeals Board FeaturesAuto Meeting Minutes : Automatically generates meeting minutes, capturing key discussions, decisions, and action items for easy documentation.
  • iDeals Board FeaturesAction Item Tracking : Allows users to create and track action items assigned during meetings, and follow-through on tasks.
  • iDeals Board FeaturesFile Sharing : Enables secure document sharing, allowing participants to access meeting materials in a centralized location.
  • iDeals Board FeaturesMeeting Notes : Users can take and store meeting notes within the tool, allowing for efficient retrieval of important information.
  • iDeals Board FeaturesLive Chat : Facilitates real-time communication and collaboration among board members during meetings.
  • iDeals Board FeaturesPermission Management : Allows administrators to control document access, editing rights, ensuring data privacy and security.

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  • Sarah B.AVP, Administration & Investor Relations



    Overall: Overall we have had a great experience with BoardMaps. It has really helped us stay focused and organized during and after our meetings. The interface is very smooth, polished and user friendly. I can easily find exactly what I need.

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