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BoardDocs is a remote school board meeting management solution that is designed to help you manage all your school board-related tasks effectively. The platform is cost-effective, and features fast searching capabilities, document linking, templating, and much more to improve transparency with a modern approach to governance.

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  • BoardDocs FeaturesFast Search : Offers context-specific searching combined with metasearch of all related public documents.
  • BoardDocs FeaturesTemplating : Offers a template-based minutes generator with a variety of editing options.
  • BoardDocs FeaturesCustomizable Security : Gives you complete control and security over your agenda items, attachments, or meetings.
  • BoardDocs FeaturesLinking Documents : Allows linking of existing policy systems. Manage and publish all your policy books anytime, anywhere.
  • BoardDocs FeaturesInfinite Support : Offers support for countless policy books, manuals, procedures, codes, and standards.
  • BoardDocs FeaturesGoal Tracking : Offers features like goal tracking, user-defined library categories, policy-cross referencing, etc.

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    BoardDocs is a very easy platform to use and allows us to be transparent with the public. It is a quick venue for sending updates and information out to our Board and have it be readily accessible, in real time, to the public as well. One thing that makes my job so much easier is the ability to easily look back at our past, to use the search to quickly find something either in our records or in the data (meta search) of the many other districts and organizations that also use BoardDocs. We recently linked our policies as well, and having the WSSDA model policies at my fingertips is a great resource. One thing. The My Agenda Items, which people use to begin a new agenda item, is hidden in the "Meetings" tab. I think it should have its own tab. When we started BoardDocs ten years ago, we no longer had to have someone deliver meeting packets to our Directors and they certainly appreciated not having to tote those notebooks around. Other technology might have changed that by now anyway, but it has certainly reduced the numbers of emails we would normally generate with changes out to the Board or other announcements. These changes are reflected online, on BoardDocs, immediately and the Board receives a notification when updates are made. We've saved a lot of paper, a lot of money, and a lot of time over the years with this program.