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Tableau helps organizations analyze, understand and visualize their data for more informed decision-making. With drag-and-drop features, users can quickly create charts and graphs to uncover patterns and insights from their data. The platform also offers powerful features such as interactive dashboards, predictive analytics, story points, and natural language queries for even more comprehensive analysis. Its user-friendly interface allows for the easy sharing of insights with other stakeholders so that everyone in the organization can benefit from the results. It provides organizations with an invaluable tool to unlock the true potential of their data.

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Positive Comments
  • Alex GarnesVice President

    As a small company, we're only currently using Tableau Desktop for ad hoc analyses and occasional charts for projects and proposals.
    Tableau's charting is its best functionality, at least for what we need. A second, critically important feature is the ability to pull data from a variety of sources, without requiring ODBCs.

  • Verified UserConsultant

    I am starting a proof of concept with Tableau to use as a business intelligence tool in a retail company. I found [it to be a] fantastic and very flexible tool.

  • Jerry PritchardManager, Sales Compensation

    Tableau, Crystal Reports, Oracle BI Tools.
    Connects to any data source. Simplifies trending for the non-data analyst. Cost effective. Very easy to implement and start using.

Negative Comments
  • David BarrymoreIMS Cloud CEO and Director of Business Intelligence Services

    Tableau Desktop is being used in support of our SMB clients to enable us to analyze their data for our support services.
    Tableau Desktop needs to provide a comprehensive training program for first time users Training that is currently provided does not allow for any user interaction so it becomes just a lecture without allowing the user to develop muscle memory with the product. Tableau Desktop does not provide any phone support which means that once a user buys the product, he is on his own.

  • Verified UserAnalyst

    We use Tableau as a way of combining a large number of data sources to create one cohesive story, which guides our business decisions.

  • Verified UserAnalyst

    Tableau Desktop is used at our organization by most of our analysts, who then publish the reports to Tableau Server for distribution to everyone else in the organization to consume the information. This enables our analysts, myself included, to use Tableau Desktop to create helpful insights which can then be used by anyone at any technical level.
    Very steep learning curve for those who haven't used it previously. Because it's a powerful tool, getting it to do simple things can be extremely difficult. A jack-of-all-trades solution, sometimes it's hard to find or create industry-specific visualizations, such as NPS gauges.
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  • ITSecMedia

    Years ago I've purchased as small business a Tableau Desktop Professional license for almost 2000 USD. That time I thought it was a good investment. Before the purchase I've asked for the annual software-update prices as this is a critical factor if you have a small business but lots of software licenses. In the next 3 years they raised their prices from yearly 150 EUR to a 250 EUR, but released almost ZERO updates ( **just one small update per year** ). After 3 years I had no mone...

  • miguelbrit

    Tableau is an excellent program for those people who enjoy working with data and statistics. It also allows you to organize the information properly, and then analyze it step by step. The information that is graphed in this program can be used for a work or business presentation. This program can be linked to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheet, which helps you store information that will be used as a database in Tableau. Another very good thing is that it is 100% free. You do not have to ...

  • Kagerjay

    has interesting public examples here [](!/

  • vatten

    Pretty nice for making statistics about tests