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ADP Workforce Now assists in the management of employee recruitment, onboarding, and retention. You can easily protect your organization's compliance, data security, and privacy practices with ADP Workforce Now.

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ADP Workforce Now Features

  • ADP Workforce Now FeaturesEmployee Management : Manage employee records, including demographics, job titles, performance ratings, etc.
  • ADP Workforce Now FeaturesPayroll Management : Calculate payroll accurately and on time using ADP Payroll software.
  • ADP Workforce Now FeaturesTraining Management : Helps you manage your company's training needs from start to finish.
  • ADP Workforce Now FeaturesJob Management : Track and manage employee applications, onboarding processes, and performance reviews.
  • ADP Workforce Now FeaturesTalent Pool Planning : Helps businesses plan for future needs by projecting available talent levels.
  • ADP Workforce Now FeaturesRecruitment Management : Manage all aspects of your recruitment process, from initial job postings to onboarding.

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ADP Workforce Now Ratings and ReviewsADP Workforce Now Ratings and Reviews

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Top Reviews
  • Tara KellyHR Manager



    It's used across the whole organization as our entire HR information system. Hourly employees use it to clock in, we use it for payroll processing and PTO requests, we have the recruiting feature to attract and hire the right candidates. It's addressed a lot of problems, mostly through the ability for all staff to see their information. They can directly view their timecards throughout the week so they know how many hours they're working, they can pull up past pay statements and tax forms. Hiring managers can view all applications and indicate the steps they would like us to take. Transparency has been key and has been really beneficial.

  • Anonymous ReviewerInformation Technology and Services



    The service and support during implementation have been the stuff nightmares are made of. We selected somewhat new products (comprehensive payroll and benefits, onboarding portal, etc.), and the implementation team just hasn't known how to navigate them. And instead of digging in and learning how to assist us, we either get no answers, or we get wrong answers. And there have been no short of 16 people firing answers at us from all directions, and little to no help streamlining this. There was no logic in implementation - no calling out pitfalls. I had to find them along the way and alert ADP to the problems, often after an employee found them. There was no ownership, no actual care for the impacts of these gaps on me or the employees of my organization. Quite frankly, it felt as if I was dealing with folks who were either incompetent or just didn't care. My hope is that it was an implementation anomaly, but only time will tell.