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Paylocity is a user-friendly payroll and human capital management software. It helps you simplify daily business processes to help you focus on things that matter the most - to build impressive and long-lasting employee relationships.

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  • Paylocity FeaturesQuick-edit Templates : Collect demographics, earnings, and direct deposit information on a single screen.
  • Paylocity FeaturesCustom Checklists : Using specific templates to track HR tasks like hire-to-dos checklists, etc.
  • Paylocity FeaturesAutomatic Payouts : Automatically pays employees, eliminating the need for tedious payroll processes.
  • Paylocity FeaturesEmployee Onboarding : Create personalized profiles for new hires, assign goals and objectives, track progress, etc.
  • Paylocity FeaturesRecruitment Management : Swiftly finds qualified candidates and processes offers quickly and easily.
  • Paylocity FeaturesTime Off Management : Manage leave requests and track employee absences automatically.

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  • Kelly DavisFinance & Accounting Manager



    I have not used anything like Paylocity before. I am only familiar with Inuit via QuickBooks and it's nothing like Paylocity. Paylocity is so much better.
    It is well suited for automatic bridging for 401k. It is well suited for PTO and they don't have to fill out forms and have those signed (I spent 14 years doing that with Intuit) and employees can send the request from the mobile app. It's awesome. Again I stated earlier they can access their W2s easily and paystubs.
    Great reps. to assist when we have questions on how to correct payroll codes Tracks PTO wonderfully and the app allows employees to see their balances W-2 can be downloaded electronically. No need to mail all W2s for current employees.
    There needs to be a better flow whether the company uses T&L or HR and both flow back and forth for PTO, Holiday, ect. Better coding for memos and correct ones being use for PTO since we had an issue with that. I did not like the change to the reports and it showed duplicated reports when it transferred over to the new platform. Also the invoicing needs to go back to reporting.

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    I've used this at two other places of work and is far superior to Paylocity. Kronos is much simpler to use and support was superior.
    The onboarding process was quite painful as the representatives we were assigned were not easy to get ahold of. One lady was pretty good but the other was awful to deal with. Overall repeated requests for help and for items to be uploaded on their side were not handled with any kind of urgency. Even when escalating this to their boss we received very little acknowledgment and assistance to resolve issues. It was rare to have one of these representatives follow through on anything they said they would do. I also think the way the divide onboarding leaves the customer stuck between two people and makes it extremely difficult to gain momentum as you are bounced between people. The app is great! It's user-friendly and clean. The website we use to administrate is convoluted and not intuitive. The way you have to bounce back and forth from Time/Labor to HR/Payroll is annoying when the common items you're looking for are timecard/pto related. I would NOT every choose to use Paylocity at any future company I work at and if things don't get any better I will be recommending we find another system to use. My latest request for assistance continued to highlight the overall lack of understanding around customer service. I requested help with a PTO issue that was systemic to our entire population and I was sent an email with a video that didn't explain what was happening and didn't address all the issues I outlined. At the same time I get another email thanking me for my time with the agent to get said issue resolved and wanted me to fill out a survey about the solution that was provided. It's clear that this was a transaction being closed and not a customer being helped. Pretty sad.
    Viewing personal paychecks Viewing personal clock in and out times Viewing PTO balances
    The onboarding of this software was awful and the representatives we were assigned were hard to reach. The ongoing support has been subpar and a continuation of the onboarding process we experienced There is a general lack of understanding about what it is to provide good customer service. We've seen this at every level we've engaged. Escalating issues didn't help