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Capsule CRM is a user-friendly customer relationship management platform. It enables businesses to efficiently manage contacts, track interactions, and streamline sales pipelines. With features like contact organization, task management, and opportunity tracking, it aids in enhancing customer relationships and optimizing sales processes. Its intuitive interface makes it a valuable tool for small to medium-sized businesses seeking effective customer management solutions.

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  • Capsule CRM FeaturesReport Filtering : Enables users to generate filtered reports based on timeframes, users, or teams, for better clarity in data analysis.
  • Capsule CRM FeaturesExport Reports : Easily exports data or save chart images for seamless integration with other tools like Excel.
  • Capsule CRM FeaturesImport Contacts : Users can import contacts into Capsule CRM from spreadsheets or CSV files.
  • Capsule CRM FeaturesAuto-Enriched Profiles : Automatically supplements contact profiles with associated social network information, enriching your understanding of contacts.
  • Capsule CRM FeaturesShared Inbox : Centralizes emails, ensuring consistent communication by sending messages from a unified account.
  • Capsule CRM FeaturesRecord Restoration : Enables users to restore deleted records within 30 days, safeguarding against accidental data loss in Capsule CRM.

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  • Alicia Barevich, bCRE, bCEEDatabase Administrator



    Capsule CRM is a very powerful free CRM that can handle the fairly complex needs of our book marketing company. It is used across the whole organization to track leads, clients, and marketing contacts. We connect authors to books, and books to newspapers, bookstores, etc, and Capsule CRM is able to handle that for us for free. It's not super customizable, but it is the best we could hope for for the price!
    Many fields. It's not super customizable, at least at the free level, but there are many fields that you can utilize to fit your needs Entirely web based. We've never experienced down time or lag issues. Free! It's hard to find a powerful database for free.

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    I wish states were offered as a drop down box to select options rather than type them in because if there is even one type-o then you can no longer look up individual businesses or contacts by state. A drop down box would eliminate all error. This same concept can be applied in multiple portions of the software. Review collected by and hosted on

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