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Chorus AI is an innovative conversational intelligence platform that leverages artificial intelligence to help businesses capture and analyze their customer engagements across multiple channels, including calls, meetings, and emails. With its advanced technology, Chorus AI automates the transcription process and provides real-time analysis of sales meetings, helping businesses to better understand their customer needs and preferences.

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  • Chorus AI FeaturesReal-time enablement : Provides real-time coaching and feedback during customer engagements to improve sales performance.
  • Chorus AI FeaturesPipeline Management : Helps sales teams to identify areas for improvement and provides insights to enhance customer engagement.
  • Chorus AI FeaturesCall Recording : Records all customer interactions, allowing sales teams to review and enhance their performance.
  • Chorus AI FeaturesAnalytics and Reporting : Help sales teams to understand customer interactions, identify patterns, and improve their sales techniques.
  • Chorus AI FeaturesConversation Intelligence : Analyzes customer interactions which helps to identify key insights that can improve sales performance.
  • Chorus AI FeaturesWebsite Visitor Tracking : Allows you to track and identify your website traffic and growth of our overall business.

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  • Alison V.Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)



    Chorus is an essential tool for any strategic seller. Not only does it let me focus on my conversation rather than taking notes, it allows me to easily share insights with my team. from a training and coaching standpoint it makes it so easy for new reps to listen in on calls and to ask for feedback from their leaders. I discovered Chorus about 4 years ago and have insisted it is in my tech stack everywhere I've been since. I love, love love this product. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Sandi ConradPrincipal Research Director, Infrastructure & Operations Practice



    Recordings are the same quality, transcripts are better than
    Transcript is challenging - there are a lot of words that are misinterpreted and on their own, the transcripts don't always make sense. Filler words - I can see how many filler words I have per minute, but the assumption is that I'm always going to know what they are. There is no information to tell me what the system thinks are filler words. The reporting doesn't seem complete, but it could be specifically how we've configured users vs. administrators. I find some of the reporting useful, but it isn't quite enough for me to self-coach all of my bad habits. Not all of the call participants are identified on the calls. If someone is on the call, but barely speaks, they're not identified as participants.