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Upland Altify is an account planning software that enables businesses to add value and increase revenue. The platform, which is built on the Salesforce platform, allows teams to manage opportunities, map relationships, close deals faster and more using best industry practices.

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Altify Features

  • Altify FeaturesFlexible Sales Process : Supports flexibility in the sales process, allowing you to customize it to best suit your needs.
  • Altify FeaturesMultiple Org Charts : Allow for easy navigation and analysis of data across different departments or divisions.
  • Altify FeaturesField Sales Management : Track your sales progress by automatically entering data into fields like order date, product sold, etc.
  • Altify FeaturesBuilt-in Course Authoring : Create customized training materials for your employees or customers using industry-standard templates.
  • Altify FeaturesStakeholder Roles : Allows users to assign roles and responsibilities to different stakeholders.
  • Altify FeaturesLead Management : Allows you to create contact records for leads, contacts, opportunities, and cases.

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  • Verified User in Events ServicesEnterprise(> 1000 emp.)



    Sales methodology to evaluate deals and hone in on strategy is very effective - political map is one of, if not, most important feature for us Tech itself - parts of it are not super user friendly, largely over-engineered with unnecessary bells and whistles that detract from usability for end users. This app is NIGHTMARE to support from an admin perspective. Any customizations, upgrades, enhancements NEVER work as communicated in written instructions or from Altify support. You need to have a VERY strong administrator for this app, one who doesn't get frustrated easily and is comfortable going back and forth with support. Since the app is over engineered, end users need to be given specific instruction (from the exec sponsor or business leader) on which areas to focus on b/c if an end user is expected to do it all, its way too overwhelming and back fires. We're trying to be smarter/more strategic with our deals - learning early on what information we're missing, are we even in a good position to bid on a deal based on what we know, and understanding who the key players are....

  • Verified User in Computer SoftwareSmall-Business(50 or fewer emp.)



    Very comprehensive account planning solution, particularly good for longer sales cycle planning Training and support is lacking. Adoption is always the key and Altify could do more to help with implementation and adoption. Get Altify involved in your implementation. High revenue potential accounts requires good account planning. To outsell the competition, salespeople need to have a solid account plan. This is the problem Altify can solve.