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GoCo is one of the world's most popular HR software platforms. It has a wide range of capabilities and automated workflow tools that help to simplify even the most complex processes. The platform is simple to use and fully customizable, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

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  • GoCo FeaturesAttendance Tracking : Keep a track of your employee's attendance and ensure that they are present for their workdays.
  • GoCo FeaturesEmployee Management : Lets you manage employee roles, contact information, leave requests, etc.
  • GoCo FeaturesAttendance Management : Keeps track of how many hours your employees work.
  • GoCo FeaturesDocument Management : Allows you to keep track of the documents that pertain to your employees
  • GoCo FeaturesLife Insurance Administration : Administer and pay benefits to employees who have died or are stranded overseas.
  • GoCo FeaturesFeedback Management : Collect feedback from your employees in a structured and easy-to-use system.

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Top Reviews
  • Neel I.HR



    At present we are using goco for managing health insurance purpose only. They have onboarding and moany other tools to use if we can. Overall its good.
    Tracking health insurance changes is difficult. So we switch to GOCO and its really useful
    Our organisation use goco especially for managing health insurance to our employees. Its very useful in that matter. Excellent customer support.
    If any information like start date for an employee needs to change we need to check with customer support of goco to edit the data. We can't update the information directly. Since customer support responds quickly we didn't face any issue though.

  • Rob G.Senior Designer



    The GoCo system for us is a change of functions that has now been implemented in human resources in order to receive much more effective responses, the company information as well as the database, it is necessary to keep it safe and optimized so It is important to keep optimized we can give effective answers for these types of problems in order to optimize payments, interviews, and base. It works correctly without any inconvenience or negativity, in my opinion the function of your work I feel that you can improve the Interface in the future by giving more intuitive points so as not to have to use technical support in any kind of doubts or questions regarding the system to do it more interactive. I recommend it, it does not have a negative point, the answers give a good performance, and for me it is very complete and detailed allowing to reduce the time at work reducing the heavy work of human resources and clarifying it has a very nice interface. It is definitely necessary to optimize the human resources area for when there is a lot of data, avoiding it manually can be a very complicated and stressful system to maintain an optimized base, but GoCo the human resources area is optimally reducing our time by releasing stress work and this way we can be much calmer to generate a more effective job, now conducting interviews is less stressful.