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Lanteria HR is an all-in-one human resource management system built entirely on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. It enables teams to better manage their organization's entire lifecycle and includes capabilities such as performance management, learning management, recruiting, and so on.

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Lanteria HR Features

  • Lanteria HR FeaturesAd hoc Reporting : Generates reports as and when required without needing to schedule a time for it.
  • Lanteria HR FeaturesAssessment Management : Track employee performance, appraise them, and reward them fairly.
  • Lanteria HR FeaturesCalendar Management : Lets you keep track of important dates and events with ease.
  • Lanteria HR FeaturesDocument Storage : Offers document storage for managing all your employee files.
  • Lanteria HR FeaturesFeedback Management : Gives you the ability to get feedback from employees on a regular basis.
  • Lanteria HR FeaturesPerformance Appraisal : Helps you benchmark your employees' performance and give them fair appraisals.

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Top Reviews
  • Aleksandar M.People Management Systems and Processes Officer



    Its a very good HR Software that covers most of the HR topics. Its functionality and user friendly approach is amazing. The ROI is very high. For the value of money and time resources invested in implementation, you will get most out of it. The support team is great and they are always available for help!
    - SharePoint based software; - User Friendly; - Easy to implement and start using it; immediately; - You can set up modules one by one to ensure proper implementation; - Great Lanteria support team; - End users are very happy to use it and high acceptance of change from employees; - Great Time and Attendance module; - Brilliant Performance module and its functionalities.
    - It's standard functionality doesn't always meet the requirement of organization and additional settings/customization is needed. In case this is needed, the customization of the system might disturb its functionality. - Notifications and alerts are not always working properly and it requires a regular check up. This is the case always when system is being upgraded/updated. Testing is always required. - Compensation and Benefits module doesn't serve the "real" purpose.

  • Aleksandra K.Public Relations Manager



    Lanteria HR is a great product that has even better team behind it. I enjoyed working with Lanteria's product consultants, project managers and the support team very much. It has never been "no, it can't be done" situation when it comes to Lanteria. And this is amazing. And as for a SharePoint-based product the Lanteria HR system looks very modern and runs quickly. Implementation took a few months, but we had some custom requirements, so this was expected. Use a Help on Lanteria's website! It really helps a lot :) Before Lanteria, we used Excel Spreadsheets and did all HR tasks, like onboarding and time tracking, manually, in a very old-fashioned way. Lanteria became a real game changer for us. We moved all our employee data to Lanteria, and lived happily ever after. No, seriously, it became such a relief for the entire team - register and approve absences automatically, see who's out of the office in real time, get all important reminders and notifications, run performance reviews and a study with a Learning catalog with LinkedIn and Go1 courses - and this is just MY personal top of Lanteria HR features, and they have so much more to offer.