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PDS Vista is a powerful and simple-to-use business tool for easily managing your payroll and human resources functions. It includes self-service, analytics, extensive reporting, payroll, benefits, recruiting, human resources, and many other features to help you simplify all of your business processes.

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About PDS Vista

PDS Vista Features

  • PDS Vista Features360-Degree Feedback : Get feedback from the people who work around you in a secure, anonymous way.
  • PDS Vista FeaturesRecruiting : Plan/approve requisitions and rank candidates to streamline the candidacy hiring process.
  • PDS Vista FeaturesBenefits Administration : Automate plans like open enrollment, leave accruals, beneficiaries, benefit statements, etc.
  • PDS Vista FeaturesPayroll Reporting : Know the salaries, deductions, and other expenses associated with your employees.
  • PDS Vista FeaturesEmployee Database : Provides information such as employee names, addresses, and contact numbers.
  • PDS Vista FeaturesPerformance Management : Track and measure the performance of employees in your business.

PDS Vista Ratings and ReviewsPDS Vista Ratings and Reviews

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Top Reviews
  • Susan ShawLead Applications Analyst Developer



    Vista HRMS is our HR and Payroll system of record. When I first started, it was only our HR and Payroll departments that are using it. Now it is being used across the organization by implementing Self-Service where employees can go to view their paystubs, managers can do the employee performance reviews. In addition, I have made it the source of employee information in our desktop/web applications that we've written in-house
    Vista HRMS is extremely configurable, from being able to update the webpages to adding additional columns in tables. No system is perfect right out of the box, but Visa HRMS gives us the tools to make it perfect. Customer service is awesome. When I have a problem, they normally get back to me within a business day. If it's an emergency, they're there right away. Their reps do build a relationship with you Updates to the system from Vista HRMS are very easy. They have a tool called VistaFresh that you use. You click a button and watch it spin. It handles everything from database updates to webpage updates

  • Becky BoyerManager, Payroll



    Vista is the HRMS we currently use to produce our bi-weekly net payroll and W-2s. Everyone in the company has access to review individual payroll information. Payroll has enhanced reporting and interface capabilities that produce post processing journal entry interfaces, documentation to support account balances in our general ledger and all data necessary to stay compliant with federal and state agencies.
    Due to our established SOX requirements, we do a lot of screen prints. There are many screens that have a printer icon facilitate this process. There are instances in which we need to drill down and require a screen print from a different level, the printer icon is there, but it prints without the employee's name or number which is not adequate. There are times we would prefer to key specific information rather than choose a validated item from a drop down screen. We have multiple FEINs, companies, districts and distributions. There are a few areas/screens where it is difficult to see exactly what company, etc you are working on in the table set ups. We have gotten in the habit of triple checking the company.