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Mavenlink, now Kanata Cloud, a fully functional platform for project management and collaboration, has strong integration capabilities. It is appropriate for small to mid-sized professional services companies and includes excellent features like project dependencies, resource management, time tracking, file sharing, and many more.

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  • Mavenlink FeaturesBudget Tracking : Lets you track your expenses and see how much money is being spent on each project.
  • Mavenlink FeaturesProject Tracking : Offers real-time updates across all assigned tasks and resources with automatic notification.
  • Mavenlink FeaturesForecasting : Forecasts future demand and needs, helping to ensure the right resources are available.
  • Mavenlink FeaturesResource Management : Assesses project statuses, assigns tasks, monitors progress, and suggests changes as needed.
  • Mavenlink FeaturesBirdseye View : Drill down to the task level or evaluate your entire project portfolio at once.
  • Mavenlink FeaturesAutomate & Streamline : Reusable templates and workflows replace manual processes and workarounds.

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    KantataSX, as a native Salesforce application, allows for seamless integration with our sales process that is enabled in Salesforce Sales Cloud. Using a home-grown project tracking system, we had visibility into historical project activity, but little ability to look ahead. We are able to start modeling the delivery engagements as our sales opportunities progress and use gates within our sales process to move our delivery engagements from placeholder to named resources. KantataSX provides resource and revenue forecasting capabilities that we use to establish revenue targets and track our project delivery. As we do use Salesforce internally, the ability to extend the Kantata objects with custom fields has allowed us to extend the off-the-shelf functionality. KantataSX is a complex system and it is evident that the package has been built to support the varied requirements of their client base. Processes are configured by the Kantata implementation team, some of which are not end-user configurable/updateable. New clients will want to be sure that their business processes are well defined/communicated to the implementation team to avoid rework later. KantataSX is solving our resource planning, project management/tracking and invoicing while improving our ability to see future resourcing needs based on opportunities in our sales pipeline.

  • Kira S.Senior Strategist of Design and Culture



    Great for the financial/billing and time tracking side of things (I think? Haven't really used that in my work but I hear good things?) Very clunky as a project user because you can't personalize your feed, so you get so much info that is not relevant to you that the feed is not even helpful. Also doesn't auto refresh so you have to hit refresh to see responses. Tracking time, tracking expenses, communicating about projects. It benefits me because I'm able to accurately track time and put notes in for what I am doing for each time entry.