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ProjectLibre is a highly effective and efficient open-source project management tool that offers users an affordable Microsoft Project desktop alternative. One of its unique features is its data model, which is fully compatible with Microsoft Projects. This means that it can effectively import even the most intricate project data, allowing for seamless and effortless data transfer between the two platforms.

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ProjectLibre Features

  • ProjectLibre FeaturesActivity Tracking : Easily track the progress of individual activities within a project.
  • ProjectLibre FeaturesMultiple Projects : Allows users to manage multiple projects simultaneously within a single platform.
  • ProjectLibre FeaturesTask Progress Tracking : Provides the ability to track the progress of individual tasks within a project.
  • ProjectLibre FeaturesProject Scheduling : Ensures that projects stay on track and are completed within the allotted timeframe.
  • ProjectLibre FeaturesProject Planning : Creates detailed project plans that outline specific goals, deliverables, and timelines for all project activities.
  • ProjectLibre FeaturesTask Management : Users can track, prioritize, and assign tasks to team members, and monitor task progress in real-time.

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ProjectLibre Ratings and ReviewsProjectLibre Ratings and Reviews

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    ProjectLibre is an Opensource alternative to Microsoft Project. it allows users to design workflows, track projects, and related expenses. It does most of everything most project management tools do. In my business, we use Project Libre when we are designing new products, and this helps a lot, so we don't put the cart before the horse or spend too much time waiting on something to complete when we could also be preparing something else. As we're going along the product development cycle, we develop a new product, and we can also start looking at packaging criteria and design even before we have the actual product in hand and also have everything ready as we need it.
    It opens Microsoft Project files, therefore making it somewhat unrestricted in use or sharing files from MS Project. It has a simple and familiar user interface.

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    I wouldn't say I like only your design and navigation system. Review collected by and hosted on