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NetSuite SuitePeople is a cloud-based human resource management system that aids in the management of employee data. It automates the entire HR and payroll processes, provides industry-leading people analytics, and reduces the need for integrations, in addition to assisting teams with project planning, budgeting, procurement, and so on.

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About NetSuite SuitePeople

NetSuite SuitePeople Features

  • NetSuite SuitePeople FeaturesWorkforce Planning : Helps create hiring plans and budgets for specific hiring needs.
  • NetSuite SuitePeople FeaturesCompensation & Benefits Tracking : Allows you to track employee benefits and compensation for analysis and reporting.
  • NetSuite SuitePeople FeaturesPerformance Management : Track employees' progress and milestones in numerical terms to identify areas of improvement.
  • NetSuite SuitePeople FeaturesWorkforce Engagement : Create effective messages that are targeted toward different groups of employees.
  • NetSuite SuitePeople FeaturesEmployee Communication : Allows you to send out notifications about important changes, share upcoming events, etc.
  • NetSuite SuitePeople FeaturesPayroll : Stay up-to-date with payroll calculation changes and file taxes automatically.

NetSuite SuitePeople Ratings and ReviewsNetSuite SuitePeople Ratings and Reviews

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