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UKG Ready is an all-in-one HR software solution for managing human resources effectively. UKG Ready combines the power of HR, payroll, talent, attendance, time, and other systems in a unified platform to provide more personalized experiences that improve overall efficiencies and simplify compliance.

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  • UKG Ready FeaturesEmployee Tracking : Track employee status, hours worked, wages earned, and more.
  • UKG Ready FeaturesTimekeeping & Time Management : Manage work schedules and overtime requirements easily.
  • UKG Ready FeaturesAction Management : Enables you to track, review, and manage all your actionable tasks.
  • UKG Ready FeaturesFeedback Management : Helps you to receive feedback from employees easily and efficiently.
  • UKG Ready FeaturesInterview Management : Track and manage the interview process with ease from start to finish.
  • UKG Ready FeaturesRecruitment Management : Identify and review applicants, assess their suitability, and make hiring decisions.

UKG Ready Ratings and ReviewsUKG Ready Ratings and Reviews

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Top Reviews
  • Mike TynesTechnology Director



    We are using UKG across our public schools and school board. We use the biometric time clock to record time in and out for all staff for auditing purposes. We also use UKG to request and record time off requests for all employees. The district was using sign in sheets beforehand, which was not sufficient enough for the auditors.
    UKG keeps an accurate log of time for employees. UKG is easy to use when requesting time off. UKG has many features available to use for a variety of businesses. UKG support has been very helpful for any issues or questions we may have.

  • Alicia L.Financial Services



    Using WFR is like taking a trip back in time. The functionality of the system is very clunky, and resembles the old dos systems. There is no room to customize to fit our company needs. We were told that this system would free up our team to do other projects, if anything it has increased the time needed to preform. The date sensitivity is very annoying, when we make changes we should be able to enter them with an effective date, but the system uses the date we are entering the employee changes as the effective date. During implementation, we were constantly told 'the system does not do that', or 'that can't be done'. Out implementation process was terrible, and we still don't have everything working. Moving from one Kronos product to another should have been seamless, it was anything but seamless. The implementation team should have been able to look at our company in Central and recreate in Ready, without us having to provide everything for them. This was the worst implementation I have ever gone through, it was worse that SAP, which is very sad. I could go on and on, but I won't. I have a spreadsheet comparing Kronos Workforce Central to Kronos Workforce Ready, if you would like to see it I can provide for you.