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UKG Ready is an all-in-one HR software solution for managing human resources effectively. UKG Ready combines the power of HR, payroll, talent, attendance, time, and other systems in a unified platform to provide more personalized experiences that improve overall efficiencies and simplify compliance.

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  • UKG Ready FeaturesEmployee Tracking : Track employee status, hours worked, wages earned, and more.
  • UKG Ready FeaturesTimekeeping & Time Management : Manage work schedules and overtime requirements easily.
  • UKG Ready FeaturesAction Management : Enables you to track, review, and manage all your actionable tasks.
  • UKG Ready FeaturesFeedback Management : Helps you to receive feedback from employees easily and efficiently.
  • UKG Ready FeaturesInterview Management : Track and manage the interview process with ease from start to finish.
  • UKG Ready FeaturesRecruitment Management : Identify and review applicants, assess their suitability, and make hiring decisions.

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  • Ashley M.Coordinator



    Since implementing and fully utilizing Kronos our staffing models have been better aligned with the business needs at each of our sites & held employees more accountable because this gives them a visual representation of punches that are "out of line" (tardy, unexcused absence, late out, etc). Kronos also tracks and reports this data based on trends/benchmarking that we established (Automatically sent to managers via e-mail report) - This has freed up our management team to focus on other duties.
    Kronos has allowed our organization to house all aspects of employee time-keeping within one application. This has count down significantly on the reports collected because Kronos is tracking attendance, tardy, late out, OT, hours beyond FTE, etc. We have built our program to send notifications directly to management so that they can then handle "issues" as needed.
    Implementation and planning efforts to build Kronos out to be as functional/efficient as it currently is took many months & IT work. Our organization did all of this internally, may be easier/quicker if utilizing Kronos for this.

  • Verified User in BankingEnterprise(> 1000 emp.)



    It gets the job done - the price weve been paying is also a plus. But we have definitely gotten what we have paid for. Everything. The support, the customization, the interface, the end user experience. If you are a smaller company, Kronos will not prioritize your needs to help you execute and meet your goals. They have very little customer focus. We are creating more issues than what we are solving. Implementing UltiPro to replace Kronos currently.