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Paycom is a payroll and human resource management software. The best part about this platform is that it is heavily employee-driven, empowering employees to manage and track aspects such as payroll, personal information, and much more.

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  • Paycom FeaturesTalent Management : Manage your employee's credentials, contact information, and performance data with ease.
  • Paycom FeaturesAttendance Management : Keep track of absences, cancellations, terminations, holidays/time off requests, etc.
  • Paycom FeaturesEmployee Onboarding : Help new hires get up to speed quickly by providing helpful documentation and tutorials.
  • Paycom FeaturesRecruitment Management : Hire the best talent for your business with Paycom's streamlined recruiting system.
  • Paycom FeaturesTime Off Management : Accumulate time off for future use or direct payout to employees.
  • Paycom FeaturesSick Leave Tracking : Keep track of when employees go on leave as well as their duration and payouts.

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  • Scott Polovitch-DavisInterim Executive Director



    As a swim and recreation club, more than 2/3 of our staff are high school or college-age, 95% are hourly, and for many, this is their first job. We started using Paycom to get away from paper timesheets and all the issues that go with them. Implementing Paycom immediately tightened up and simplified our payroll and bookkeeping processes, and raised the organization to a new level of professionalism for the staff. The changes that Paycom has made over the years have continued to improve our efficiency in everything from onboarding to correctly distributing our payroll expenses.
    Paycom seems particularly smooth for an organization where most staff are salaried or hourly staff have only one or two jobs to allocate pay between. As an employer with 100-200 employees per payroll depending on the season, and some staff having up to 10 jobs, our managers still spend a fair amount of time reviewing and correcting timecards or asking staff to submit change requests so everything is correct by the time we run payroll. I would love to have employees take more responsibility for timecard accuracy, but given our organization's complexity and the youthfulness of our staff a lot of the responsibility sits on the managers and on the payroll staff.
    Outstanding customer service. Easy to navigate for managers. Use of geofencing to enable staff to punch in on their phones. Punch change requests submitted by staff are easy to accept and manage.
    I'd like more ability to customize reports, in particular getting all pay rates for all jobs. Managers need to be alerted when staff clock in for a job for which they don't have a pay rate.

  • Verified User in Marketing and AdvertisingMid-Market(51-1000 emp.)



    I like the training overview on how to use it and the certification courses Paycom's ATS is way too bulky. In order to set up paycom we had several multi hour meetings in order to load our current processes, templates and job descriptions to the ATS. It tooks months for them to add our notes and when it populated there were still many glitches. In order to do simple tasks with candidates we had to click multiple tabs. With other ATS systems things are very simple. Paycom also couldn't do a lot of simple tasks that other ATS systems that were much cheaper could do. Really look at your options before signing on with Paycom. We still use them for our payroll but, we no longer use the ATS capabilities. There are cleaner and cheaper options. We were trying to stream line our hiring process and go from a very manual one to an automated one. We realized that Paycom wasn't the ATS for us I'm sorry to read about your frustrations with the ATS and would like to connect you with a member of our team to learn more about your feedback and what would make a 5-star experience with Paycom. Please reach out to me directly or reach out using the "Ask Paycom a Question" option on G2 Crowd. I look forward to hearing from you.