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Tasks in a Box helps you manage your online meetings effortlessly.

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  • Tasks in a Box FeaturesAgenda Management : Create, edit, and move items on your agenda with ease.
  • Tasks in a Box FeaturesScheduling Meetings : Easily find time slots for meetings that work for everyone.
  • Tasks in a Box FeaturesBoard Meetings : Manage board emails, minutes, agendas, and more with ease.
  • Tasks in a Box FeaturesInvitation Management : Allows you to send invitations to participants, manage RSVPs, and track attendance.
  • Tasks in a Box FeaturesInternal Meeting : Hold meetings within the platform to discuss specific projects or tasks together.
  • Tasks in a Box FeaturesSharing : Easily share files, notes, videos, and more among participants during your meeting.

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  • James P.Retired



    Great tool to organize tasks, projects, and related meetings, either solo or for a team. Not overly complicated, and reasonably priced (last time I or my employer paid, at least). They need to up their customer service game a bit but it's not terrible.
    Good cost/benefit. Necessary functionality for a reasonable price.
    The visual design and functionality are excellent. I like the meeting hub and task hub organization. The ability to schedule a meeting, write the agenda, take meeting notes and create tasks in TIAB during the meeting, and finally to distribute meeting minutes to all attendees is fantastic. Plenty of flexibility--but not too much, i.e., not a steep learning curve--in views, filtering and sorting, etc. The mobile app is very clean and functional.
    Minor things. One, being forced to select from a list of reminder times (at due date, 1 day before, 2 days before, etc). The list is useful but we should also be able to select a custom date and time, or even set multiple reminders. Similarly, you can only set a due date, not a start date. I often need to capture a task due far in the future (so I don't lose track of it) and set a date for it to start, i.e. to appear on my radar, so to speak. I've written to TIAB several times, and made suggestions via their somewhat wonky user-request feature, to no avail.

  • Harvey F.Owner



    My overall experience is bad. I started using the trial version and found out that it would not suit my company in keeping track of the projects I do. I canceled the trial and thought it was a done deal. I was just charged for the annual subscription back in October. I sent a request back on October 22 to have that charge refunded. I still have not heard back from the support. I replied to the automatic emails from zendesk asking for an update but no replies. I just submitted another request to have them refund the charge today.
    The setup is good and the dashboard is also good.
    It didn't have all the tools I need to run my projects.

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