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Beautiful simplicity is problem solving though a seamless combination of design and function. For Arne Jacobsen, this means turning an egg into a chair. For Trello, this is turning the kanban inventory control system into a stunning collaboration and task management tool for your personal and business needs. Trello also offers a variety of alternative plugins. Looking for a methodical method to manage tasks in a team or home environment? Pick Trello.

"Best thing ever"
Alexander, Senior Designer @ MoneyPrinters INC
1 Top reviewer

The ease with which it is implemented, as it sends notifications to users, as it informs you in time, the changes that occur in the cards, as it helps you to simplify the work of meetings, since from anywhere you can access it and verify the status of your project Top reviewer

Excellent tool to organize tasks in large work teams in an easy, fast and quite graphic way. I love recommended for development companies and independent programmers. Top reviewer

The management tool that will take your projects to infinity and beyond.There are several project management programs, but nothing like Trello. Adapted to any commercial and personal situation, it has the ideal versatility to carry out any idea or project and help to finish successfully without a doubt. Top reviewer

Trello To-Dos

January 22, 2018

Trello To-Dos Top reviewer

If you want to have a more organized team and task management system, try Trello! Top reviewer

Trello – The Top Dog in Productivity Apps Top reviewer

You can’t beat simplicity and reliability. Top reviewer

Agile All The Way Down

January 16, 2018

Agile All The Way Down Top reviewer

Trello tops for workflow

January 8, 2018

Trello tops for workflow Top reviewer

Great and useful time management tool! Interface is light and intuitive, visualized boards with cards are so useful

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