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1Channel is a sales force automation tool that streamlines the sales process and automates the handling of sales leads. Aside from tracking orders and handling collections, 1Channel allows you to plan, manage, and gain real-time insights into your sales and marketing efforts.

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  • 1Channel FeaturesActivity Dashboard : Enables you to monitor and manage all your channels in one place.
  • 1Channel FeaturesChannel Management : Track and manage all aspects of a customer relationship, from lead conversion to billing.
  • 1Channel FeaturesPerformance Metrics : Measure the performance of your team and optimize your workflow for maximum efficiency.
  • 1Channel FeaturesSales Forecasting : Allows you to predict how much sales will be generated based on past sales data.
  • 1Channel FeaturesTask Management : Allows you to manage multiple tasks at once, and this can save time and energy.
  • 1Channel FeaturesTerritory Management : Helps determine which areas of the market are most profitable and allocate your resources accordingly.

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  • Rahul S.Automotive



    it is very simple to use, Initially, complete training sessions were arranged for us to understand the product. Great Helpdesk team with valuable features and reports available in a click.

  • Syukran E.



    make our production line effective easy to keep track all process monitoring process excellent good job weldone
    just make apps easy to be impplement no need a lot training builds apps for staff easy to understand