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Dayforce is a data-driven human capital management software that simplifies global compliance. You can empower your workforce, work smarter, and reach your full potential to create measurable value with Dayforce. The platform is completely scalable and provides real-time updates to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements.

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Dayforce HCM Features

  • Dayforce HCM FeaturesContinuous Payroll : Make timely, accurate payments while auditing data continuously throughout the pay cycle.
  • Dayforce HCM FeaturesWorkforce Management : Allows effectively managing labor costs and compliance through data-driven insights.
  • Dayforce HCM FeaturesSmarter Benefits : Helps employees to choose the right plan, and in maximizing the value of benefits investments.
  • Dayforce HCM FeaturesStreamlined HR : Offers one centralized, real-time solution for streamlining administrative tasks.
  • Dayforce HCM FeaturesTalent Management : Allows companies to attract, engage, nurture, and retain top talent.
  • Dayforce HCM FeaturesAdditional Services : Features a wide range of services, including payroll tax filing, and managed payroll.

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  • Amy Neill, CPPDirector of Payroll



    It is truly integrated. This is a plug-in product that requires a background job to run overnight for the data to sync. I can see the impact of an employee punch in payroll as soon as it happens without any extra steps.
    Dayforce is very scalable and has made acquisitions easy. Dayforce offers a wide variety of solutions, but many of them are not as robust as competitors. The reporting tool does not provide an option to create custom sql reports, so there are time where you have to utilize professional services to get a custom report.
    I have used many systems in the past for payroll processing, and Dayforce is the best. It is easy to use and very fast. It is a fully integrated system. It is nice to have a solution that has time up to date in payroll without any additional processing steps. ACA management is very easy and 1095 generation is tied directly to benefits management.
    Reporting is weak. Benefits management is challenging. Scheduling is time consuming.

  • Verified User



    Dayforce is slower with more errors and the workflows freeze. Forms are an outdated technology as they can't be edited, and are very frustrating to use. Dayforce is less adaptable to change in WCM and to the original HCM configuration. As an example, outdated time-offs can't be archived or hidden from users. Instead, we have to add "zzz" to the front of outdated items so they drop to the bottom of the list which looks terrible and doesn't stop employees from making those selections.
    Multiple legal entities can be set up with different pay policies for each. Also, the organizational structure can be updated very quickly. Dayforce is American based, with American terminology, system labels and processes (FMLA, etc.), which is challenging for my Canadian company. The system uses American date standards and, depending on legacy systems and partner systems, it can cause alignment issues.
    The Dayforce app is simple and the layout is very beginner friendly for general employees.
    The system crashes multiple times a day for those with complex roles. It also freezes often. The user interface is very outdated. Users have to switch between different roles (manager, recruiter, employee) to complete processes. The different modules are isolated from each other. For example, if a manager with an open job requisitions takes a leave of absence there is no way to notify the recruiter within the system. Forms can't be edited by the initiator. They have to be declined by the recipient. The initiator can then start over.