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Saba Cloud is a leading SAAS Talent Management software, designed for enterprises to manage their human resources better. It is one of the most secure platforms on the market today and comes with an easy-to-use mobile application for effective operations.

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Saba Cloud Features

  • Saba Cloud FeaturesAssessment Management : Allows employers to evaluate their employees and identify areas in which they need improvement.
  • Saba Cloud FeaturesCareer Development : Manage your employees' career paths and ensure that they are progressing in the right direction
  • Saba Cloud FeaturesTalent Management : Helps you to identify and recruit the best talent for your organization.
  • Saba Cloud FeaturesGoal Management : Track and manage employee goals, objectives, and targets to access progress/improvements.
  • Saba Cloud FeaturesTraining Management : Allows you to administer training programs and track the effectiveness of each session.
  • Saba Cloud FeaturesEmployee Performance Management : Tracks employee performance and provides critical feedback to help employees improve their performance.

Saba Cloud Ratings and ReviewsSaba Cloud Ratings and Reviews

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    We use Saba across the entire organization. It enables us to standardize our talent processes across the globe with the flexibility to use local languages, currencies, etc. With Saba, we were able to integrate employees from a large acquisition more easily than we could have done with our former systems.
    Saba's modules work very well together, and yet are value-added even as standalone tools. We used Learning for several years before implementing the other modules. The translation features work very well for a diverse organization with locations in different countries.
    Ease of Configuration: The ability for administrators to configure the Saba modules was a big selling point. You don't have to be a computer programmer to get the system to do what you need. Flexibility: We are able to configure Saba to align with our processes, and change our Saba set-up as our processes and organization changes. The tools works for us, rather than the opposite. Customer Responsiveness: Saba excels at listening to their customers. I have seen numerous improvements in the tools that are the result of suggestions/requests that we have made. Not only does this make the tool better fit our needs, it demonstrates the value that Saba places on it's customers.
    The only improvement area that I see (other than continued evolution of the products) is internal communication between the Saba product developers and the customer-facing Saba personnel. At times, there seems to be a bit of a delay in relaying information on changes that can impact the end-users, which can be frustrating.

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    Saba Cloud allowed a much more intuitive learner experience and the ability to build solid curricula and certification programs. ADP was very ridig and siloed while Saba Cloud has allowed us to continually evolve how we do things in our learning environment.
    Saba Cloud is ideal when you have a wide variety of simple use cases. It can really allow you to build out a point-to-point learning path alongside one-off offerings. If you are looking to build a highly flexible learning environments not constrained by strict enforcement of steps this system may not be your best choice. It also lacks the customization of notifications that we are looking to use, such as for injections or follow-ups on classes. The social aspect could be better as the message boards are kind of a wild west of the internet. The lack of controls around what is posted led us to shut things down as the pandemic continued and differing options made their way to the forefront.
    Comprehensive learning profiles Reporting Certification and recertification
    Curricula building Adaptive notifications