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Saba Cloud is a leading SAAS Talent Management software, designed for enterprises to manage their human resources better. It is one of the most secure platforms on the market today and comes with an easy-to-use mobile application for effective operations.

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Positive Comments
  • Katerina N.Learning Management System Administrator

    Saba is a very robust LMS. It has lots of different functionality and the ability to customize many system areas, such as security roles, audit screens, custom notifications, and much more. We are a large organization with multiple agencies and Domains which individual admins can configure differently for their specific department needs. It's nice to be able to have control of our customization without contacting the vendor. The only thing I can think of is that the admin learning curve is a bit long. End users don't have issues with the system, but administrators require a substantial amount of training which we typically provide internally. We initially trained a small admin group during implementation, and now we teach all the new administrators ourselves. It does take time for them to get comfortable with the system. Assigning tech-savvy staff for admin roles is critical. Our agencies are successful where admins are competent. If admins lack technical skills, there is a struggle to learn the system. The ability to self-learn is also essential. This system can do many things if you know how to use it well, but the answers are not always obvious when you do regular Google or YouTube search, so it takes time to dig for answers sometimes. Overall we are pleased with it, and it works well for the large size of our Government with thousands of internal and external users. We use the system for both internal and external training. We initially started with mandatory/compliance training but then expanded to additional/optional training utilizing third-party content providers. In 2020, we were able to convert many instructor-led courses to Online courses using Saba. It would have been a much more difficult transition if we didn't have this LMS. We also leverage Saba meetings as a useful Online meeting tool for our Virtual classes.

  • GP P.Technology Scouting Manager at Solvay Specialty Polymers

    What I like with Saba is, it is designed very well for the 21st century. I have seen other online platforms for learning & development before; they were good too, but a bit old-fashioned, with videos of roleplaying or lectures, with some sporadic questions. In Saba, it is positively different. It has a very good interface. The modules are different and appealing for the Gen-Y and millennial audience. Due to some reasons, the connectivity via apps is quite slow. The web version is fine. Moreover, another aspect that could be improved is, the different names associated with Saba, such as, Champions HQ, AdvocateHub, Intuitive, and, to some extent, Saba Cloud. These need some time to get used to. For new users, these terminologies are quite confusing. If it is possible to bring everything under 'Saba', that would be great. Be patient; be of explorative nature. Dedicate quite a bit of time to ensure that you enjoy your navigation to the fullest. Since Saba is also evolving, it could take a while to get your footing, especially if you are moving into it from another application. It is an one-stop solution for learning, development and learning management system. It provides quite insightful articles, videos, and training modules.

  • Jay R.Consultant

    Absolutely nothing, it's archaic and reminds of legacy technology companies whose product/stack were relevant in the early 2000s...not 2022. Quick List: Awful UI; Clunky experience; uses Brainshark, how's an LMS get away with using another LMS within the product; resource hog and tedious to set up or change; awful at tracking users progress; not engaging; too many windows/tabs bet opened to even take one training. Learning management training for new staff as well as policy/compliance training. The benefits are we have a system and can say we're compliant. Thanks for your feedback. Based on your comments it sounds like your organization may be using a sales enablement vendor to access Saba LMS content. (We have no relationship with Brainshark whatsoever, although they are free to use our open APIs.) The frustrations you are facing sounds like your organization has not adopted many of the changes we have made over the years, or that your API is not set up properly to ensure you are having a modern responsive experience.

Negative Comments
  • Verified User in Staffing and RecruitingEnterprise(> 1000 emp.)

    Lumesse allows the creation of custom reports. However the customization is very counter-intuitive, you need to be a super user to know which of the hundreds of options to select to build the correct report. Lumesse has features that show potential candidate matches for positions, and provides estimated match percentages. Lumesse features a quick reference dashboard. Lumesse is not intuitive, training on the system takes months. There are multiple tabs, each with their own subtabs, so much time is wasted searching for data. There is no timestamping for changes - all updates and process comments need to be notes manually. One candidate and req pages there are no history. Difficult to merge or track duplicate candidates. Request a trial period first. The software is very difficult to use and quite pricey, worth trying before buying. Lumesse serves as our primary applicant tracking system, it allows for the collection of candidate records (applications, resumes, phone screen notes, background check documents, etc). The process is very manual and relies on recruiters and administrators to follow the process perfectly, there are no "stop signs" that prevent recruiters from acting outside of process, creating opportunities for missing information or candidates skipping steps. We have implemented a secondary ATS for candidate sourcing and database collection of resumes, as Lumesse search functions lack "wild card" features and limited search methods.

  • Verified User in Management ConsultingEnterprise(> 1000 emp.)

    SabaCloud has the right set of basic features to make it a robust and useful Learning software across a corporate enterprise. From a user perspective, its best features are: - Ability to filter search results - Ability to upload documents and other types of course information to specific courses - Ease of signing up to courses and viewing all related information As a frequent user of the software, my two biggest challenges with this software are that: 1. The user interface of SabaCloud makes navigation difficult: for example, opening new tabs with course details is not possible, so to view a course, you must open it on the same page and then navigate back 2. The search function can be temperamental: for example, it is not possible to filter solely by date on the homepage to have a view of upcoming training courses; you must select a discipline or search for key words before you can use the filter function, which unnecessarily limits you to a more narrow set of results We use SabaCloud as our Learning and Development management portal. It is the company's single source for all virtual and classroom-based training courses globally. Users are able to filter by type of course, location of course, langauge, etc. and are able to view our full suite of offerings. Users are also able to view course details and register online instantly, which then alerts the course instructors.

  • Allyson W.HR Business Partner

    The capabilities of the system make it an easy choice. Saba has multiple avenues for training delivery and the performance module revamped our out-dated processes. The reporting functions are strong and you can pull a lot of data out of the records. The Rapid Implementation is a waste of time and money. Pay for the regular implementation if at all possible. We tried he Rapid Implementation and continue to struggle with issues 2 years later. The support services are also lacking. The average turn around time is over 2 weeks, and that's okay to Saba. As an organization that needs to turn on a dime, these delays cause lost time and money for our employees. Finding help for the system is very difficult. Saba offers several platforms, but none are easy to use or provide real answers. For example, the Rapid Implementation does not come with any user instructions. We had to create instructions for our staff or pay thousands more to get assistance with basic questions. Don't go for the Rapid Implementation, have your internal team ready to dedicate their time, and get written instructions for end users. We needed an LMS to track training for over 700 employees and 800 processes. We use the performance management module for all of our non-exempt reviews, including goals and objectives.

Top Comments by Trustradius
Positive Comments
  • Angie BriggsCorporate Compliance Trainer

    We shopped Cornerstone OnDemand and Saba. The customer support during the review process was hands-down better at Saba than COD. Saba was responsive to our questions and listened to our needs before responding to how they could help us meet them. Although they did keep in touch as we worked through our RFP process, they didn't pressure us into making the quick decision. We liked that the sales manager teamed up with a customer support manager so we could really dig into the details of the product functionality. Although the other company offered many of the same options, their salesperson was not as well-versed or helpful as the Saba team. Saba even took the time to customize our sandbox site so it felt like ours before we started. Not the same experience with the other vendor.
    Saba is well suited for learning. It supports the content of any type from any source. The built-in meeting module makes virtual training easy to set up and manage, but it also supports other virtual meeting platforms, like WebEx. Training can be compartmentalized, if necessary, by job type, domain, audience, or organization. Additional modules, such as Recruiting, Performance, and Succession Planning, in the Saba Cloud platform, can be added to support a team member from Hire to Retire.
    Saba listens to its clients and makes enhancements to the system based on client feedback. Their support teams are knowledgeable and eager to find solutions to their clients' needs. Saba offers tons of free training online and job aids in addition to their Boot Camps, Conferences, and Regional User Group meetings, including many training opportunities when updates are coming. Saba has an active customer community which includes insights, tips, sharing, and solutions from Saba staff as well as Saba clients. The flexibility of the system means it can be used for more than assigning certain training modules. The Workspaces functionality can be used as a corporate intranet system where info-sharing, document sharing, community activities, and more can take place. The integration of multiple HR systems makes it easy to keep team member records up-to-date. The Meeting system can be used for corporate meetings, not just training. Saba continually reaches out to training, HRIS, and other partners to integrate their systems through the Marketplace connector. And, for those who sell content or training, the E-Commerce module is available and integrated into the system.
    Although their Analytics module has over 200 out-of-the-box reports, most report users find they have to create their own to drill down to the details they need. Each new release adds more fields or chart options, but there is still more room for improvement. Implementation was aggressive and didn't include administrator training until the end. I definitely recommend new clients get training before starting the process.

  • Emilie-Anne Nichols, APTDLearning Supervisor

    We are using Saba Cloud in our Customer Service division, and also across our business for people managers and leaders. The Training Department is using Saba Cloud to onboard new employees, conduct uptraining for new employees, track training completion, and interface with our global clients. We operate across 3 continents, 4 countries, and 30 physical locations, in addition to remote employees, so we definitely but the scalability and globalization capabilities of the tool to the test. We use Saba Meeting to hold our classes, and Saba Learning for our self-paced elearning. While we only use the Learning Module currently, we find that it's very complete for our simple needs, and easy to maintain and manage in individual business units. We are using it for assessments, content deployment, and also the meeting capabilities, including full support of remote learning for both onboarding and existing agent uptraining.
    Saba Cloud is perfect when you're working with a multi-site group. It's easy to navigate for even the most inexperienced end-user, and and very simple to manage from the learning manager perspective. The level of detail possible in the reporting makes it easy to report on any effort, using a number of metrics and variables. Saba is great if you are bringing your own content! The Repository function makes it very easy to locate your content and assign it to a class. Saba is also great if you are delivering the same course content over and over again. Saba is less effective, for us, when we are training an individual course. The setup time is great, compared to the net gain, if we're only talking 3-10 employees, one time.
    Saba Meeting - Engagement Tools make learning fun, and make it easy to check in on learners understanding Great Marketplace connectors to many of the leading and up and coming partners in learning and workforce/HR management. Customization experience to match our brand and employee skill set. Analytics - I can tell at a glance if my training is being utilized, and if it's efficient and meeting our time/budget allocations
    Content repository management/Manager functions - without some of the other modules, what a people manager would actually do in Saba is limited. This makes it difficult to get manager buy in for the tool, and results in the training team manually assigning learning, checking completion, etc. Support Tool- Admin support is done in another tool, which can't be accessed directly from Saba.Availability of support team in real-time. Meeting Connector can be difficult to get auto-deployed to virtual desktops. OOB GUI - The GUI is customizable, but to make something really pop, it requires a lot of technical skill

  • Verified User

    Our organization uses Saba Cloud primarily to manage all types of learning systems or staff training empirically. In addition, it provides us with a quick test-based follow-up to the trainees. We use Saba Cloud to train our clientele in a professional manner with respect to our worldwide online service. With this tool we are able to enhance the customer experience with the organization. Similarly, our organization uses Saba Cloud to monitor the performance and effectiveness of our employees and customers after having access to all the information provided by the application to subsequently make learning and development reports.
    The application has a section that can provide a customizable and complete learning that allows us to visualize any type of information or data that is needed internally or that we need to provide to our clientele. Saba Cloud provides us with a fairly simple and up-to-date training and learning platform. Which allows anyone related to the company; as customers or internal staff can access and orient themselves with the information. Saba Cloud is very punctual and accurate with regular updates to its platform, it has an analytical algorithm that can adapt to any need or vicissitude that may arise in its use and then fix it. Saba Cloud's ability to generate learning and training paths has completely helped us to establish very high standards of performance and effectiveness within the organization's staff. With the reporting tool, the application has provided us with the opportunity to set a learning deadline and capture the effectiveness in metrics that are very compatible with the effectiveness of the information provided by our leadership groups. The application is very effective in dealing with customer complaints when they present problems with their platform, when a problem occurs, the application applies the necessary changes within a month so that the error is not repeated.
    Although the usability to load course information is very simple, we have problems to load or customize SCORM, AIC and CAN in the training modules so that later we get results in the reports properly. Saba Cloud allows to generate customizable and automatic emails, however, it has certain flaws when customizing these emails, we believe that it should have options such as sending scheduling. This tool has the problem of limiting the number of reports we can generate. Saba Cloud only allows us to generate a number of 9 reports every 24 hours, if the limit is met we must wait considerably which delays or limits our productivity.

Negative Comments
  • Victor ShermanManager, Learning Technology

    MonARC stands for Moneris Access to Resources for your Career. MonARC integrates the 3 Es of experience, exposure, and education through formal training, social collaboration and access to experts and peer mentors. Within MonARC, content is broken into smaller chunks and blended with internally developed content and social experiences to engage and develop todays learner. Our content is carefully selected annually by aligning to Moneris strategic imperatives. Aside from the typical L&D, onboarding, and performance activities, our LMS boasts a robust "workspace" devoted to leadership development. Its focal point, My Career & Development, is a curated, one-stop learning hub hosting a wealth resources to guide and support employees in their professional development. Employees collaborate in this state-of-the-art community by posting or joining discussions, sharing files and links, watching and discussing videos, listening to podcasts, asking experts, sharing experiences, and contributing expertise in the spirit of the communitys tagline to connect, share, learn, succeed.
    If someone is looking for a true TMS, then Saba is a great option as it does all aspects fairly well. However, if someone is looking for a best of breed in any of the individual modules, I would suggest that there may other options on the table.
    Saba's support and support portal is top-notch. Always very responsive and often provides reliable solutions. In general, Saba us super configurable and enables us to conduct day-to-day enterprise wide business without reliance on Saba's admin support or any type of customization. Saba's ability to integrate with other systems such as Skillport, UltiPro, and Okta has made things run smoothly for us.
    Image uploads into social community. While technically possible, its not really practical with the current upload limitation of 2 MB. End users dont have the ability to optimise their images. When uploading an image as a File, this limitation is not present, only in Discussion Forums. This is an extreme deterrent for our users and is slowing our momentum around social learning Mentioning in social community. Saba needs to add people tagging. Using @ in front of peoples names to reference themand then notifications being sent to them whenever theyre mentioned. People cant ignore it when they know theyre being talked about. THAT would really help our social learning efforts. Would like to use Leaderboards to boost engagement. Leaderboards can be used to encourage social learning, collaboration and knowledge sharing within the discussion groups. We can create discussion groups for any company-related topic, from New Product Lines and System Processes to social events like International Womans Day. Learners earn points for completing courses or tasks and their score determines their place on either the discussion group Leaderboard or a home page Leaderboard. This encourages everyone to join the conversations happening in Saba in the Social Learning Community.. Improved feed configuration. We should be able to select what type of content is included in a feed. Currently we have it turned off as there is simply too much noise.

  • Verified User

    We currently use their learning platform to administer and track all of our internal learning. This includes compliance and non compliance courses. We have offices globally and they also use this system. We also are looking to track our information in the system to help with seeing the self development as well as some of our courses for understanding bias.
    Great overall from a feature and meeting the needs of a company [standpoint] as far as compliance and overall usability [go]. It struggles from a logical perspective, in my opinion of course, as well as a support perspective. Also, they came onsite and tried to cram a full admin training into two days which is far from best practice and may be a company issue on our part for trying to force them to do that but not sure why they would even allow that. I would tell the company that we would only cover "x" material in those two days and would need to come back to provide more information because no one truly remembers much from that training and I came in and took the full admin training online and it took me well over two weeks to complete it. That should be delivered if a rushed training is requested, just to cover their own butts.
    Saba has a variety of ways to create things (courses, classes, curriculum, etc.,) which help with distribution and organization Saba has a variety of features and ways of doing things IF you have them activated Saba has an almost 24hr support staff that does their best to find answers
    The support could be 95% better. Majority of the time I end up teaching them something about the system. if they were a general support group, I would expect this, but when I tell them I am reaching out about Saba Cloud's learning platform, they route me to someone who I assume is focused on that but can not answer my questions. this is also evident in the frustrations seen in the community. The tool could also allow better naming ... so for courses, all classes underneath the course inherit the EXACT same name... it would be better if it allowed you to AT LEAST add a sub-name that displays with the class name to know without having to click in or memorize class numbers.

  • Stefano TempestaSolutions Architect

    Cornerstone offers a cloud-only solution, which may not be convenient for large enterprises with a solid IT department that prefers to own the infrastructure. Saba also has a more complete and unified offering, fruit of a decennial experience in the market. Vision and ability to execute are typically very high in the Saba products, with new innovative functionality constantly added to the products, also thanks to the large customer base that provide significant feedback.
    Saba is well suited for companies that want a one-stop shop for all their HR business. The solution is fully comprehensive to cover most of HR requirements and comes in handy in two offerings: installation on premise or software as a service. It is less appropriate for rapid and cheap implementations, as the learning curve is not indifferent.
    Saba is a unified platform for delivery of HR solutions at 360 degrees, from recruitment, induction, development, performance review and talent compensation. Saba provides one-stop shop for all HR needs, no need to get headaches with improbable and acrobatic integrations among diverse and inconsistent platforms that require tons of dollars to make them work. Saba is highly scalable and can be adopted by the small family owned company to the largest of the enterprise organizations.
    User experience is not modern, tending to old fashioned layouts and styles. Programmability is complex, slow and prone to trial attempts before getting it right. Reporting capability is inadequate, based on poor third-party tools.