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Kronos Workforce Central is one of the leading suites of Human Resource Management solutions. It majorly targets enterprise users with massive HR, and workforce management challenges. With Kronos, you can manage your attendance, HR, labor management, payroll, and much more.

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About UKG Workforce Central

UKG Workforce Central Features

  • UKG Workforce Central FeaturesEmployee Identification : Offers an easy and convenient way to identify employees by their unique ID numbers.
  • UKG Workforce Central FeaturesProductivity & Efficiency : Manage workforce more efficiently and effectively to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • UKG Workforce Central FeaturesReports & Analysis : Generate reports and analyses to monitor employee performance and progress.
  • UKG Workforce Central FeaturesEmployee Management : Manage employee records and profiles, assign and track duties, and track hours worked.
  • UKG Workforce Central FeaturesFloat Pool Management : Assign employees to projects and departments, and track their work hours and assignments.
  • UKG Workforce Central FeaturesPayroll Processing : Offers the ability to process payroll in a variety of currencies and languages.

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UKG Workforce Central Ratings and ReviewsUKG Workforce Central Ratings and Reviews

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Top Reviews
  • Grace WachinaSoftware Architect



    The reason behind choosing the software is it has many amazing features like tracking, scheduling and [is] easy to use. We have been using the UKG Workforce Central tool for a very long time in our organization, and I am very satisfied with its results. It is very easy to use, and it had very positive impacts on our business. Like now, we track the working hours of our employees, their performance, payroll systems. The tool just beautifully helped our business to get more organized and disciplined. The layout and functionality are clear and simple. You won't have to waste much time searching for the tools you need.
    Employees can utilize the application to change shifts, claim open slots in daily shifts, or set up under directive authorization for breaks. The UKG Workforce Central application is the only one of its kind that has the most affordable prices. The platform is amazingly user-friendly and has efficient features like scheduling and tracking.

  • Johnathan N.Oil & Energy



    It is quite difficult to change your time, even to something simple like "Vacation." Perhaps it's a bad deployment, but one would think Vacation would be an available entry that wouldn't throw up error messages.