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SurePayroll is a reliable and efficient solution that simplifies payroll management for businesses of all sizes. Whether the user is a small business owner or an HR professional, its user-friendly interface, automation capabilities, and real-time insights provide the tools necessary to streamline payroll processes. By leveraging this innovative platform, businesses can ensure accurate and timely payments while focusing on other critical aspects of their operations.

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SurePayroll Features

  • SurePayroll FeaturesAutomated Payroll : Offers automated payroll processing to reduce manual calculations and streamline the entire payroll management process.
  • SurePayroll FeaturesDirect Deposit Setup : Enables easy setup of direct deposit payments to provide a secure method for paying employees.
  • SurePayroll FeaturesCloud-Based : Operates on a cloud-based infrastructure to allow users to access and manage their payroll data securely.
  • SurePayroll Features401(k) Plans : Facilitates employee contributions and ensures compliance with retirement benefit regulations.
  • SurePayroll FeaturesWhite Label Solution : Allows accountants and professionals to customize and brand the platform as their own.
  • SurePayroll FeaturesSingle Sign-On Dashboard : Offers a single sign-on dashboard for enabling users to access multiple features and services.

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  • Donna V.Food & Beverages



    The product is user friendly and handles all your payroll needs.

  • Verified UserAdministrator



    SurePayroll is used for our bi-weekly payroll service for the company. It allows direct deposit for our employees and provides necessary information to the workers' comp insurance company. SurePayroll also calculates all required taxes, deducts necessary funds from employee's net pay and directly from employer's account, makes the payments, and files quarterly taxes.
    The method for entering paid time off such as vacation days is a bit confusing. Tracking a certain employee's allowable time off.