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Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) makes email marketing effortless for small and medium-sized businesses. Their software provides an innovative suite of features, allowing users to fully customize their campaigns - from automation sequences to segmentation personalization. Plus, it's both reliable and affordable. With advanced reporting and analytics tools, you can measure the success of your campaigns and optimize future efforts. Along with this, it supports SMS and transactional emails, making it a comprehensive marketing solution.

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Positive Comments
  • David FaustinaManaging Partner

    Call it happenstance or call it predestined, either way, I am one happy user of SendinBlue and it was all because of a simple Google search and an initial free plan that was beyond generous. SendinBlue has stood up the test of deliverability and continuity. The onboarding, even for a free plan, was simple yet effective. The initial import of contacts and subsequent email campaign was placed on a hold while SendinBlue verified with me how I obtained the contacts and if I had permission to send to these addresses. It was a simple questionnaire and quick phone call and the list was approved and my account marked as safe to send. The process was quick and they scored major points with me in the way they protect their sending IP. This level of scrutiny signaled one important point to make: your emails will end up in the inbox, not in a junk folder. This can equate to increases in sales and thus revenue. Other email marketing programs with less scrutiny will also deliver to fewer inboxes. For brand protection and promotion, there is not a single better solution, in my opinion, than SIB. We use it for our email campaigns and have placed clients with SIB.
    List migration and verification: high level of scrutiny on your email list import before your first campaign launch. See this as a benefit to your deliverability as junk senders will be eliminated. Templates and Builder: very clean and easy to use builder allowing even a novice to produce great looking emails. Not a lot of fluff and useless elements, only the stuff you need to get information and effective CTA prompts to your valued customers/clients. SMS and SMTP: all under one program allowing for the integration of email marketing and text marketing without having to sync multiple programs. Excellent Support: without a doubt they are the leader in support and you are made to feel like a top customer no matter the volume of emails. Pricing: well, take a look and you will be hard pressed to find a better deal for the quality and volume.

  • Nathaniel BradleyWebsite Manager

    I use SendinBlue on my own currently and it is being used to advertise new products, product discounts and new blog posts. It helps to keep our current customers informed in a way that's more cost effective and easier to create than postal marketing.
    SendinBlue is able to create professional looking HTML emails. This means that our email are answered more often than when we send text only emails. SendInBlue has a fantastic reporting system that is able to tell me who has read email, who has clicked on certain links. With this information, we are able to target those customers that are interested in certain categories of products. Although I do have HTML and CSS knowledge, SendinBlue allows me to create emails without using that knowledge making it extremely easy to use.

  • Simon UrquhartManaging Director

    We are a small software development company specializing in barcode imaging software. We use SendinBlue to communicate with our customers.
    Email design is a breeze. The user interface is so well laid out, I was able to jump right in and design the whole thing without reference to any of the instructions. The reporting is very good. It has all of the important metrics on one screen and is very responsive. The emails that our customers receive look tidy and professional. In our tests, they looked and performed consistently across a wide range of operating systems and email clients. Pricing is flexible and very competitive.

Negative Comments
  • Rohin SharmaDigital Marketing E-commerce Manager

    It is no longer being used. It was not an effective marketing tool to send our eblasts out.
    Poor to non existent customer service Company is NOT based in the US so don't expect support during normal American hours Instructions and guidance is just not there for a beginner

  • Verified UserDirector

    We are currently using it to capture leads in a form by offering free samples of our CBD Sleep gummies. It's a decent lead capturing service for high-volume campaigns. This is only being used for one campaign as we currently have subscriptions for Klavyio and Omnisend when we do email blasts.
    Customer support is not the greatest when having issues if you are not a subscribed member. There seems to be an inconsistency in performance when sending out blasts, some will do really well and others will do significantly poorly for no reason. Accounts get shut down randomly and data losses occur.

  • Alex CoombesMarketing Manager

    It is currently being used to send an email newsletter to all subscribers for further information on our services and industry insights
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  • tokyoplastic2

    Terrible. Delivery rates are appalling. Forced me to take their Dedicated IP option and gave me an IP that was blacklisted by Hotmail and many other servers. Ultimately was a total waste of my time and money.

  • cpeters

    Have been using it for a mailing list for my retail (60K contacts) and everything fine so far. I think in terms of value for money it would be hard to find a better option

  • Bricolas

    Brevo (Ex Sendinblue) has excellent prices ! I use the credit packs since I don't send enough to pay monthly fees. Transactional emails are free ! Thank you Brevo !