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Edrone is an eCommerce CRM solution that assists firms in managing their sales and customer connections. You can now communicate with your consumers more easily than ever before, maximize sales opportunities, and successfully send out messages to do everything from growing newsletter subscriptions to recovering abandoned carts and more with Edrone.

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  • edrone FeaturesCustomer Intelligence : Helps you learn about new visitors heading to your store and products they are viewing.
  • edrone FeaturesMarketing Automation : You can automate marketing activities, look into abandoned carts, use remarketing, etc.
  • edrone FeaturesTerritory Management : Keep track of the locations where your products are being sold.
  • edrone FeaturesQuotes/Estimates : Can help you to get an idea of how much your products are worth
  • edrone FeaturesCalendar/Reminder System : Helps you to stay on track with deadlines and ensures that your products are shipped on time.
  • edrone FeaturesEmail Marketing : Can be used to promote products and services to customers

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  • Mario C.Army Of One



    Drone.io integration with your Github, Bitbucket or Google Code projects is incredibly fast, you can start a build in less than a minute and it doesn't require you to add any file to your project which I feel is really nice (specially in the CI service learning phase when you are doing commits of a CI "config" file just to see if "it works" in the CI service). UI is very nice and user friendly. Responsiveness is quick and in few minutes you are already feeling familiar with the options. Very nice MySQL, Redis, MongoDB integration. Not very common in CI hosted environment and very useful for integration tests. Drone.io provides support for many non-so-common languages like Go and Haskell which I have been struggling to find a service with this support. However, they don't provide support yet for Rust, which is fair, but I miss it ;) Just try it and be delight by how easy is to integrate in your new or current projects specially if you need to use any type of persistence storage in backed like Redis, MongoDB or MySQL Drone.io gives you the typical power of a CI hosted service with the addition of speed and deployments (also with SSH). Works very fast and it let us focus on what's important for us: write the code. I feel like I won't have to be looking through tutorials just to add a new CI service to any of my new projects. Frankly I feel this as a huge advantage.

  • Mathieu C.CTO



    - Flaxibility in build script - easy to install packages - integration with Paas (event if we do not use them) - It is really a pain to work with different build types for the same GitHub repository. Quite a huge limitation. - we once has to reach out the support team: not very responsive and also not very helpful. - simple - fast to setup - flexible (shell script) - linuex-based (apt-get possibles) Continuous build ans deployment as well.

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