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Sugar Sell CRM is a cloud-based intelligent sales automation that builds extraordinary customer relationships. With Sugar Sell, you can accelerate your deals, get top-notch business-critical predictions, and much more, backed by AI-powered lead conversion, and Ideal Customer Profile (CIP), at no additional cost.

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Sugar Sell CRM Features

  • Sugar Sell CRM FeaturesIdeal Customer Profile (ICP) : Identifies the type of customer that is most likely to be interested in your products or services.
  • Sugar Sell CRM FeaturesReal-Time Alerts : Keeps you always up-to-date on the latest trends and information related to your customers.
  • Sugar Sell CRM FeaturesOmnichannel Communications : Interact with your customers through a variety of channels, such as email, text, and social media.
  • Sugar Sell CRM FeaturesCustomer Journey Mapping : Sugar Sell allows you to map out the entire customer journey from initial contact to conversion.
  • Sugar Sell CRM FeaturesCRM : Tracks and delivers the most critical customer interactions and information directly inside G Suite or Office 365 apps.
  • Sugar Sell CRM FeaturesAutomation : Allows automating complex business processes with drag-and-drop ease, like quote reviewing processes.

Sugar Sell CRM Ratings and ReviewsSugar Sell CRM Ratings and Reviews

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  • Peter FletcherPrincipal Consultant



    We have worked with Sugar for many clients ranging in size from 2 to over 300 CRM Users. Sugar is extremely flexible and cost effective compared to its competitors like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Sugar covers the whole customer life cycle from Lead through Sales and on-going Support and Marketing. It is easy to use and has many features like in-line editing that keep Clicks to a minmum. Most tasks can be one with two or three clicks. Sugar Mobile gives a very strong mobile app to give users complete flexibility whether at their desk or in the field.
    Sugar gives full account and contact visibility so any member of the organisation can have a full and accurate view of all related activities, products install, contracts in place and much more. It gives the proverbial One View. Dashboards are one of the strongest parts of Sugar giving each user their own view of the way they can and want to interact with the customer. The dashboards are a key feature in that they are very easy to customize so that each user has a personal view with tasks, data views etc. appropriate to their role. Customizing these dashboards by role is also very easy. No coding is required, it is largely a matter of dragging and dropping fields. Sugar's Forecasting Module makes the forecasting process quick and easy by using the Opportunities already created by the Sales Team. It also provides great individual feedback to the Team regarding YTD & QTD performance against Quota. Sugar Mobile is a very strong mobile app for IOS and Android that is both easy to use and comprehensive. I t can be used both of-line and on-line mode.

  • Bruce G.Food & Beverages



    Not real happy with customer service also.

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