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Gusto HRM software can help you improve your HR processes and performance. It enables businesses and teams to work faster and minimizes repetitive errors, powered by its automation services. With Gusto, you can save more than 5 hours of your time in running payroll each month.

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  • Gusto FeaturesBenefits Dashboard : Track the status of benefits claims, view benefits eligibility information, and more
  • Gusto FeaturesEmployee Management : Provides comprehensive features, including employee tracking, employee bio, salary history, etc.
  • Gusto FeaturesHR Management : Manage workforce and employee HR processes, including recruiting, onboarding, compensation, etc.
  • Gusto FeaturesPayroll Management : Allows you to manage your payroll with ease, including paychecks, tax deductions, and more.
  • Gusto FeaturesPerformance Management : Provides real-time insights into employee performance, including individual and team stats.
  • Gusto FeaturesTime Off Management : You can manage your employees' time off in a hassle-free way.

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  • Udit S.Human Resources Manager



    The graphical user interface is adorable and visually appealing. sending timely reminders for tasks that are crucial to maintaining the business's efficient operation. I keep all of my payroll records in one location for convenience. Integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online. The software's self-service functionality is excellent. We seldom ever need to involve customer service. For both me and my staff, onboarding is quite simple. Review collected by and hosted on

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    We are growth stage venture, and based on reviews I decided we should use Gusto for our payroll for the company.
    Service - While the software GUI is nice and they've done a great job hobnobbing with San Fran centric netizens for 5 star reviews, I regret signing up as my young employees are not receiving their pay before the holiday due to what I learned is a Gusto cross sales training event which closed the entire Gusto payroll service down before Labor Day. There was no notice on their site, no emails to customers giving notice, or anything. Starting around 1:30pm I called Gusto to finish set-up for our payroll so we could run it. I needed to upload a doc which requires notary for the Gusto set-up to be completed, per Gusto site, and there was no upload feature. I also had questions as I could not set-up payroll for employees in different states and run as separate payrolls as their set-up procedure locks the site down until all info as been completed for all employees in all states, regardless if different payroll periods. Anyway, I started calling Gusto sales support, payroll support, every number I could find, both 415 and many toll-frees. The sales support team number hit a voicemail that references them being out until the 23rd (today is the 29th), and every other number reached their after hours message stating to call back during normal business hours. I checked the Gusto website, and it states they are open until 5pm PT. It was 1pm PT. I sent emails and left voicemails, and no reply. I even reached an old employee by googling Gusto telephone numbers, and that person said she no longer worked there and to try the chat. Well, chat was not available and showing as it was after hours. I tried to google their offices to see I could a neighbor to check on the Gusto folks and whether their phone systems had been hit by a virus or something. Pictures of the Cheesecake Factory showed up, lol. If it was not for the grade A investors and $'s listed on Crunchbase, I would have thought this whole company a fraud. Who shuts down payroll support for all of its clients during normal business hours for a sales training and pizza (or perhaps it was cheesecake)? Apparently, Gusto. Anyway, my employees will not get paid this week. Hope the pizza was good! Would be funny, if not for my employees being paid late. Stick with other, more mature payroll services or plan extra long lead times for your payroll service needs when dealing with Gusto as they may shut down the entire company for sales training or perhaps the new iphone release or a world of warcraft tournament. In fact, WOW may have been a better place to get support yesterday.

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