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HRweb is an HR Management tool that can help small businesses streamline their HR processes with ease. With HRweb, users can track time and attendance, measure employee performance automatically, track applicants, onboard new employees, and do much more, all in a single platform.

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  • HRweb FeaturesEmployee File Management : Allows employers to manage their employee files in an efficient and secure way.
  • HRweb FeaturesPayroll & Benefits Processing : Process payroll and manage benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and more.
  • HRweb FeaturesTime Tracking : Allows you to keep track of the time spent on different tasks.
  • HRweb FeaturesRecruitment : With HRweb's recruitment tools, businesses can easily find and hire the best candidates.
  • HRweb FeaturesPerformance Management : Measure employee performance and track progress over time.
  • HRweb FeaturesFlexible Reporting : Provides various reporting options that are tailored to your specific needs.

HRweb Ratings and ReviewsHRweb Ratings and Reviews

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Top Reviews
  • Marishia Q.Hospital & Health Care



    I use this will my PT job and it clocks me in and out, manages how many PTO days or hours I have, and I can check it out without bothering my manager or human resources.

  • Erin C.Director of HR



    Overall: We brought up concerns and suggestions to the rep (and he "takes them to the development team") but I can't recall one item that has been changed. Next year we will finally be able to move away from this system. We truly hope the developers and the owner will consider the Reporting Module to be designed to properly export. Have such reports be able to be custom created by the user. Readily avaiable reports for Turnover, Headcount, Benefit Summaries/History, Birthdays, FULL EEO-1 click and print,etc. Be able to supply new accounts with proper training DOCUMENTS (manual) and resources, and alert existing users to changes in the system (additions, when it is down for known errors/maintenance), etc.