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Oracle E-Business Suite is a complete suite of 80+ integrated, worldwide business applications that help firms drive productivity, satisfy the expectations of modern users, and much more with a variety of sophisticated features across industries such as CRM, ERP, and supply chain planning.

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About Oracle E Business Suite

Oracle E Business Suite Features

  • Oracle E Business Suite FeaturesPayroll Management : Allows you to process payroll, reconcile accounts, and generate reports and analytics.
  • Oracle E Business Suite FeaturesCustomization : Lets you customize the application to meet your specific needs.
  • Oracle E Business Suite FeaturesReporting & Analytics : Generates reports on a variety of topics, including financials, sales, and orders.
  • Oracle E Business Suite FeaturesOrder Management : Allows for order processing, order tracking, and order fulfillment.
  • Oracle E Business Suite FeaturesProject Financial Management : Makes financial management easy through budgeting, accounting, and reporting.
  • Oracle E Business Suite FeaturesGrants Management : Comes with grant proposal writing, grant management, and grant reporting features.

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  • Umang S.Accounts Payable Manager



    Get the report of the transactions and share the numbers with management. To use it for cash application purposes, you can select multiple invoices to match with payment. SAP this option. Easy to use and get report. Shows correct numbers. Having multiple options to modify the reports as per business requirement.

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    Reports can go back far in time since this system has been in place for a decade. Cannot easily pull information out of salesforce, instead need a separate login (and IT requests, password changes, etc) to access. Cannot view on mobile, cannot get to information on demand without hauling out my laptop. Reports cannot be easily customized & manipulated, all data points have to be selected to be shown in old template reports from Oracle. Unless they offer an app & stop requiring VPN/intranet access, your employees will find this frustrating. Security must be balanced with ease of use. We use Oracle for sales reporting and expenses. Expenses & reports are not solved, because employees have to login to VPN & then Oracle to submit them. Benefit is that its easy to print to table or pdf.