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SAP CRM and Customer Experience (CX) solutions make it simple to handle all client-related activities. You may use SAP to integrate real-time company data to boost loyalty, revenue, and client retention, as well as simply manage sales orders, contracts, and closing deals.

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SAP CRM Features

  • SAP CRM FeaturesKnowledge Management : Allows agents to resolve issues within the CRM faster than ever.
  • SAP CRM FeaturesMarketing and Sales Analytics : Allows marketing/sales departments to refine campaign strategies with ease.
  • SAP CRM FeaturesCampaign Performance : Allows monitoring of campaigns in real-time and scenario-based for better implementation.
  • SAP CRM FeaturesPipeline Management : Allows sales representatives to quality leads quickly and efficiently for cross-selling and up-selling.
  • SAP CRM Features Data Management : A comprehensive view of customer data, including contact information, and past transactions.
  • SAP CRM FeaturesCustomer Complaint Tracking : Identifies the source of the compliant, resolves the issues, and closes the complaint as quickly as possible.

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  • Pavi R.Solution Architect



    This product has different pieces. They are SAP Hybris Commerce, SAP Hybris Marketing, SAP Hybris Billing. Hybris commerce is intuitive e-commerce tool and SAP Hybris billing is very intuitive tool for billing, consumption based charging, invoice consolidation subscriptions management.
    We need different consultants for all the different sub products of SAP Hybris. This increases client's costs of implementation or roll out.

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    Used very briefly so can't fairly compare
    It is very good for creating and tracking customer interactions. Need to ask: Will you have a big enough support staff to provide functional support as well as middle-ware support? The replication between ECC and CRM is complicated and requires a lot of attention to keep them in sync. After the implementation team leaves will you have enough staff to keep the system up?
    Able to see many details about your customer including locations, contact people and their phone and emails Able to see customer interaction history such as all calls into call center and warehouses, interaction with inside sales reps, view return history, complaint history, order history. Able to set appointments for calling customer back. Able to create tasks for other departments to follow up on with regard to taking care of customer needs
    SAP CRM could be easier to customize. Our users are always wanting something other than what is standard and you have to have an ABAP team to help. The user has no customzation ability. CRM Sales does not have a good way to secure other sales people from seeing your sales pipeline Not enough support sites for SAP CRM 7. Hard to get answers to technical issues Relies on replicating data from SAP ECC so that you have two versions of your customer information. Would like to see SAP ECC as the data source for customers and CRM could have additional data for interactions, sales leads, opportunities, etc.