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Nimble is a relationship-focused CRM designed specifically for Office 365 and G Suite. It combines the benefits of traditional CRM, team relationship management, outreach and marketing, and deals and pipelines. Nimble connects thousands of businesses to nurture their relationships across social networks, emails, and 90+ cloud-based business apps.

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  • Nimble FeaturesComplete CRM Solution : Offers contact management, data enrichment, and activity tracking.
  • Nimble FeaturesContacts & Leads Management : With sales & customer dashboards, contact data enrichment, smart social search, and segmentation.
  • Nimble FeaturesWorks Everywhere : Be in any mobile, any browser, or any Google/Office365 app.
  • Nimble FeaturesMarketing & Outreach : Provides business insights, social profile matching, social prospecting, and segmentation features.
  • Nimble FeaturesCustom Pipeline Management : Automatically ties your team's tasks, events, and communications to each deal.
  • Nimble FeaturesNimble Mobile : Nimble’s iOS & Android app delivers all sales intelligence and pipeline information right on mobile.

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  • Ina M.Information Technology and Services



    Ever since I started using Nimble, my marketing efforts have increased by 20%. It's really been a game changer and I recommend to everyone.

  • Thomas OlesenConsultant



    ACT!, SageCRM, Outlook, Google Contacts, Zoho CRM, SugarSync, vTiger, Salesforce, iCloud Contacts (iPhone)plus many others. Most of these systems don't do a good job of connecting with email let alone social media and in today's world, you need both. Nimble does things that none of the others are capable of but most of all it makes people more productive and better able to monitor Customer Relationships.
    Nimble saves work by saving data entry so is perfect for companies where staff are less than keen to keep the CRM up to date. Nimble also connects to multiple social media accounts so that staff can keep track of contacts' social activity without having to leave Nimble. Nimble is extensible with the addition of fields and lists to help manage and analyze your business. Many CRM's have extensible data but none help build your contact records for you. Perhaps the most powerful feature is the built-in two-way synchronization with leading SaaS systems such as iCloud or MailChimp. This allows you to keep all of your contact data in sync at all times, once set up. Like any CRM, it is not suitable for organisations or individuals who are not prepared to learn how to use it and then to use it correctly, but Nimble is perhaps better than most CRMs in this respect.
    Organizations (or individuals) can connect multiple email addresses to Nimble, which is possibly unique but certainly useful. As an individual, you could, therefore, manage your business and private life in one database and you could manage additional organizations as well, if required. This saves having multiple databases to manage. The database can be segmented in many ways but Tags are the most powerful. Adding a Tag to a contact record enables that contact to belong to that group or segment. Any Contact can belong to multiple groups. Using the built-in synchronization engine, Contacts can be added to mailing lists in separate systems such as MailChimp simply by adding the appropriate Tag to the record in Nimble. Using Nimble's widget means that if you see a Contact mentioned online or you receive an email from a Contact, you can simply hit "add to Nimble". But in the process, you can build a complete record such as the name, address, phone number, email, website etc. which saves a huge amount of time and is the reason why the data in CRM's that don't provide that functionality is generally not up to date.
    Nimble has a built-in Group Messaging capability used for Mailmerged emails but Nimble management have chosen to throttle the use of that facility to so many emails per day which are fully tracked. That means that any large email shots have to be undertaken using a 3rd party system such as MailChimp. Fortunately Nimble fully supports 3rd party email systems but it would be more convenient to just use Nimble. Nimble has a powerful email signature which is applied to all emails by default. The problem is that there is currently only one signature so you must choose your default email to use for that and delete it when using any of the other emails. It would be better if the system allowed a different email signature per email address. List management within Nimble is not as flexible as with some databases but perfectly adequate for most users. Power Users can export the data and use tools like Excel to do anything that cannot be accomplished within Nimble itself. Nimble has a system for "Keeping in touch" with your Contacts but if you have a very large database this becomes overwhelming. For smaller databases it is a nice feature but I would prefer if it could be turned off.

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