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Freshsales is a cloud-based sales automation tool that assists sales representatives in streamlining their workflow and boosting productivity. You can increase contextual interaction, manage different pipelines, find the best prospects, nurture leads, and retain existing customers to help your business flourish.

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  • Freshsales FeaturesDynamic Forecasting : Allows you to predict future sales and make necessary adjustments to your sales campaigns.
  • Freshsales FeaturesAutomated Sales Campaigns : Help to automate the process of selling, making it easier for you to keep up with your targets.
  • Freshsales FeaturesCustom Sales Activities : You can establish and monitor unique sales activities, and keep a tab on meetings, contacts, etc.
  • Freshsales FeaturesChat Campaigns : Get feedback, qualify leads, connect chats, etc using contextual in-app.
  • Freshsales FeaturesReal-Time Updates : Make better decisions with real-time updates on sales and marketing data.
  • Freshsales FeaturesPersonalize : You can personalize notifications, call preferences, email digests, alters, task reminders, etc.

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  • Mark KosierCIO (Chief Information Officer)



    Zoho CRMSalesforce This program is a million times easier to setup and use than Salesforce. Its also way cheaper than Salesforce.
    [Freshworks CRM (formerly Freshsales)] is great for small to very large enterprises. I am sure it might have a few cons but I have yet to find any flaws in Freshworks CRM [(formerly Freshsales).]
    Support is awesome Very simple interface Quick setup
    I have not found any areas I do not like

  • Mahesh N.CEO



    I wouldnt recommend it to anyone and regret paying for the product
    We were using the free version of hubspot which was pretty good but their paid version was ore expensive than Freshsales
    Not much. The product is OK but the support is just mind-numbing
    We had basic issues with everything we were trying to use. We were using the free version of hubspot and moved to freshsales hoping it would be better. It is not even comparable to the free version we were using. I have been running around from pillar to post within their organisation but they just dont care. Here is what simply doesnt work.1. Bugs: We bought the paid version of the product and we encountered serious bugs with everything we were trying to use it for. 1. Email integration didnt work 2. Webforms dont work (still ongoing) 3. Calling application (exotel) integration didnt work. 4. Importing contactswas more complex than hubspot.2. Customer support: I understand there may be issues sometimes and the basic expectation is that when there are issues, we can get help from support. Their support is the worst. For every small issue, they push a calendly link in your face and want you to schedule. And for every issue, the calendar is blocked out days out. They just say sorry thats when you will get help. They offer some free onboarding hours but the person just has a script and is unable to solve any of the issues. Even they will put you on to their support which is unresponsive. We are being tossed around with out 7-8 people who always start from scratch.3. Unprofessional: Their customer success is not just incompetent, they are highly unprofessional. I asked them for a feedback form multiple times so that our issues get recorded but they just dodge it

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