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SharpSpring is a CRM and marketing automation tool that assists companies in managing and tracking customer relationships. With SharpSpring, businesses can create personalized campaigns, gain more customers at scale, and better understand a buyer's demands.

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  • SharpSpring FeaturesWYSIWYG Email Editor : Allows you to easily create, format, and send email campaigns from a custom platform.
  • SharpSpring FeaturesLead Nurturing : Nurture leads by sending automated email follow-ups, custom messages, and automated phone calls.
  • SharpSpring FeaturesSocial Profile Integration : Allows you to keep track of the social media profiles of your leads and customers.
  • SharpSpring FeaturesData Quality Management : Helps you to ensure that the data you collect is accurate and up-to-date.
  • SharpSpring FeaturesAutomated Sales Alerts & Tasks : Receive timely notifications about your leads, activities, and results, so you can track and optimize your efforts.
  • SharpSpring FeaturesVisual Workflows : It's simple to engage prospects at different phases of the buying process with visual workflows.

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  • Chris StoltzfusManaging Owner



    We use SharpSpring in our marketing agency E-Impact Marketing LLC as well as for nearly all of our clients. In our organization, it is used to manage leads interested in our marketing plans. We use it to track sales per marketing campaign and be sure we are following through with the leads in our system. We also use it to gauge how interested potential clients are in our services. When a new lead comes in, we enter them into SharpSpring and send an email from SharpSpring so we can begin tracking their activities. Secondly, we use it for our clients to bring in leads and manage those leads. One of our first clients on the platform was They have seen a huge number of leads coming in through our inbound marketing strategies and are very happy with the service. Another client we are just implement this system with has a huge number of leads that need to have automated marketing systems working for them. Sheds Unlimited has another CRM system that we are working on integrating with so we can help them close more deals.
    Email Automation is a very strong point of SharpSpring. It allows us to setup automation email campaigns and then trigger them based on actions performed by the lead. Lead Scoring gives us a number to show us who are the most engaged leads for us and our clients. It gives good reporting features for emails going out through the system.

  • Chris FlemingDigital Marketing Coordinator



    SharpSpring is being used by both our sales and marketing teams. SharpSpring was initially purchased with the intention of addressing customer conversion issues, however, we quickly discovered that it doesn't fix any of these due to data integrity issues. The software's reporting systems for emails is entirely junk, and upper management from SharpSpring IT has even admitted it. If you compare the data within SharpSpring email reports, the exported Excel sheet, and an individual Life Of The Lead report, you can see that none of the data matches. On top of straight-up wrong data, SharpSpring also reports email opens and clicks falsely. It will show that an email was sent, opened, and every single link in the email clicked within 3 seconds of each other. We suspect it's due to spambots doing this, but SharpSpring has not identified this. So you are creating automated systems and analytics reports based on false data. You can't even come up with an internal manual process to sift through the data and report in your own way since the excel email report is full of false data - straight-up admitted to us by an upper manager from SharpSpring IT.
    Fixing data integrity. Email reports in SharpSpring, the exported excel file, and individual "life of the lead" reports have completely different and conflicting information. Email clicks are falsely represented. SharpSpring customer support has no escalation capabilities for issues beyond their control. When you finally get in contact with someone who has decision-making power, your request goes nowhere since it might bridge two-or-more departments.

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