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Positive Comments
  • Damares C.Customer Success Administrator

    I like the text function to contact customers, combining all the customer information in a relatively easy-to-navigate space. With the push of a button, the customer can be contacted via text message without leaving the sales order screen or using a different software. It separates the different parts that Netsuite has to offer in various roles. It also allows better inventory tracking when it is in three other locations. It keeps track of changes in all the different items: sales orders, purchase orders, journal entries, etc. It allows new users to train well and effectively when learning to use the software for the first time. And it has many different functions available that can be used, but if not in use are not in the way. Netsuite collects all customer records on the customer records page, where sales orders are in one tab, cases are in another, addresses are on file, etc. Saved searches are an incredible feature that is entirely customizable. It can serve almost any purpose whatsoever. The dashboard functions are easy to set up, combining data storage, organization, clean-up and visualization in the same place. I wish that roles could be customized for certain people. For example, someone with the warehouse manager and administrator roles would benefit if they could use most functions of the other instead of continually switching to different parts. For most people assigned roles, it is occasional that they must change from one position to another. But some in the company need to tailor their roles because they cover different business areas, such as our administrative team. Currently, we are using a third party to organize our sales orders into an item masters CSV file and then import it back to Netsuite. It would be helpful to be able to cover this function without the need to hire a third party. Another reason we hire them is that we currently do not have someone with the skills to do so because we are a small company. So, while it would be great to do this within Netsuite, it would be helpful to do so without needing to use programming. While saved searches are entirely customizable, navigating to the less experienced is challenging. It isn't easy to seek help, and Netsuite's resources are not the most helpful. And helpdesk could benefit if it made the knowledge more accessible to users, no matter the experience level. We have had a few days that Netsuite was offline for a few hours, so it did disrupt operations. These issues have since been remedied, but not at the quickest speed. It solves the problem of organizing customers into the different stages they go through. Before, we had confusion in our company when something was an opportunity, quote, or sales order. It was not clearly labeled, and it was impossible to filter and sort it out. Not only does it track that, it also allows the organization of prospects and customers. It stores their information, and Netsuite also helps us to address cases. We had a problem with not being able to separate our vendors' purchase orders from our customers' sales orders. We also kept a paper copy of all our business records now stored in Netsuite. We can seamlessly import NetSuite Records into our routing software because the two are compatible. We utilize one of Netsuite's partners in a different location, and we have remote workers. But all can use Netsuite, and it's it if we were all in the same building. So remote locations are now possible for everyone that works in our company. In conclusion, this brings tools of large companies to smaller companies without needing more human resources. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review, Damares! If you havent already done so, feel free to check out our NetSuite Customer Community.

  • Abigail R.Financial Transaction Officer

    NetSuite helps us with the automation of our processes. It has a lot of available integrations and options on how to make our work easier. Compared to the competitors, it has more functionality and flexibility. It helped us migrate our records from our old accounting system. I have adjusted easier with NetSuite compared to other accounting systems. You don't need to have intense training to understand the system. My tasks are more associated with billing our customers and Accounts Receivable Collections. It meets our clients' requirements on the invoices - PO Number, Attention To, the period for our services, and grouping multiple invoices into one invoice group - where we can easily match their payment once we have received this. The taxes are already automatically set up, so it's easier for our tax compliance. The related records have helped us avoid duplicate tasks or recordings. Per transactions, there's "System Information," which helps us understand the history of the transactions. There's also an accounting tab where we can quickly review the accounting entries of the transaction. I am based in the Philippines, so it is nice that we are using Oracle NetSuite because I work from home. It's cost-effective for both the company and me. The things I didn't like about NetSuite are that it can't draft something, has limited options on the view of the reports, and doesn't have batch approval of sales orders and invoices. I suggest that we have the option of leaving our transactions in a draft so that I can go back to it once we have the final info. Once you have approved the sales order and invoiced it, you can't edit the start date and contract date. This relates to sales orders with more than one-year contracts. Also, for the invoices, you can't edit them, and you have no choice but to have a credit memo. If we can also customize which view we would like to see in each report (e.g., Instead of seeing it per Subsidiary, we could see the AR Aging report per Department). I also suggest having more real-time feeding of the transactions from another integrated system so that I can work faster. It's helping me with the tasks I am assigned. It's easier to transact and review our billing, payment from customers and suppliers, journal entries, intercompany journal entries, and bank reconciliation. Our invoices from suppliers are automatically synced into the system, bank transactions are automatically synced into the system, and we already have automatic reminders for follow-up with our customers. It's also effortless to generate reports, depending on my preferred format. This helps me with our monthly review. It also creates automatic reports saying what needs to be changed (e.g., Department, Profit). We also have a special revenue recognition that NetSuite was able to cater to. We can delay recognizing revenue depending on how long it needs to be recognized. Some of our customers also don't like to have multiple invoices. NetSuite helped us to group numerous invoices into one invoice group. Sending invoices through email is also done within the system, and it's easier for us to track the messages or conversations we have with the customer. This also helps us with easily tracking what happened or do we have issues associated with the invoices. This better allows us to collect our accounts because we can easily understand what happened. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review, Abigail! If you havent already done so, feel free to check out our NetSuite Customer Community.

  • Mandy T.Business Operations Manager

    Having secure, reliable, and convenient access to any business data, transactions, etc, that you may need in real-time allows day-to-day tasks, reporting, customer service, spontaneous research mid-meeting, you name it, to become second nature. All of which can be controlled by customizable roles, dashboards, reporting, editing, and functionality, built upon a structured foundation of permissions. While not truly a "dislike", one of the greatest superpowers of NetSuite also comes with a caveat. NetSuite is highly customizable and has extensive help documentation and a training library, along with an expansive user/admin forum, which allows any curious and determined user (with the correct permissions, of course) to discover and/or crowdsource new and more efficient ways for everything from business processes to automation, third party integrations, and even UI/UX features... however this also means it is a bit complex and not always intuitive for a newbie. A broad walkthrough of the major functionality to get a lay of the land is necessary but can be overwhelming in one sitting. Following up with thorough, role and use-case-focused training will be needed. Having all integral business data (banking, inventory, procurement, shipping, customer management, sales, product attributes, and so on) in one system allows our organization to have one source of truth. Confident decision-making is possible for employees at all levels because everyone is working from the same information, whether at a 50,000-foot view or in precise detail. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review, Mandy! If you havent already done so, feel free to check out our NetSuite Customer Community.

Negative Comments
  • Yuri R.CTO

    Access from any location and Pretty customizable Disappointing experience with netsuite. Becoming netsuite's customer back in 2020 was pretty exciting and promising at the same time; salespeople did well on that, onboarding thought was with some of the issues raised. However, they have not stopped us from making the required integration. Our story: Task Live Integration of the custom-tailored system with NetSuite product. Netsuite advised us to get an integration partner(kind of sub-contractor), and we have agreed on a need for one in terms of giving help to the administrative workers, train and explain the capabilities of the system. As we proceeded, all went good, however when the quote for the integration was given we thought that is pretty much high. Since we did had our experienced IT team, we checked up the documentation and understood that we could make it our self. We have seen that restful API been supported in DEMO mode and been pretty excited about it. After some time, we have decided to use it on our middleware controller with a queuing mechanism, and this was a protection for us because API was in beta mode. After some time, we had found that it was a correct decision since some of the API methods which we used got changed (removed some capabilities); when we asked what is the alternative's there was none except using the Soap API(which caused us to rebuild the integration using the soap in a short time) Someone who has done an integration knows that best practices always test your integration on the sandbox environment before deploying that on the production. I got surprised that NetSuite is charging you for a sandbox (which, typically with other company's goes for free); however, since it was not a huge amount, we said probably the cost of the instances that they try to cover or any other expenses. The surprise came on the following year when the price of the sandbox increased by 2.5 times. Speaking with our NetSuite account manager, we have not got a reasonable explanation for this increase; instead only referred to the policy that sandbox price is determined like 10 % of the current year's invoices. Comments that we have not increased the value of the invoice 2.5 times remained unanswered. Even though we been not happy with such a response, we sat together with the team and analyzed how long did we use the sandbox within the previous year, and it turned out that we used it for APR 2 month out of 12(the time when we crafted the integration). Taking this into consideration, i have returned to the account manager and asked the following "Since the price grew unreasonably to us, and because of non-instant usage, could we get the sandbox, let's say, for two months when we need it?" The answer has been that the minimum period of the sandbox is 12 months. On my comments that we don't need it for such a long period, and we will end up paying for smth that will not be used, there been no reaction. That was the time when I asked our account manager to arrange a meeting with a supervisor. Speaking with the supervisor was "exciting," after telling her the story, i got this summary of the discussion: 1. They cannot treat different customers with any exceptions. (i guess that all customers must pay, it doesn't matter if they use it or not) 2. They have different KPI's, and changes are affecting them. (I'm not sure how that effect's us) 3. They already gave us an exception for sandbox instead of 5 years!!! (period of contract) they offer 12 months (My comment that I cannot imagine a company which will be making integration for five year - left unanswered) 4. They don't have a (QA)Quality Assurance in Oracle where I am able to write a complaint about this case (I can only say it to the supervisor) Lastly, after a week from our meeting with the supervisor, we got an answer from her : "I do understand the business logic for requesting a non-standard term for the Sandbox. I personally went to my upper management and Corporate to ask for an exception in your case. Unfortunately I was not successful, the only option we can give to you is the 12 months term I hope you will see the benefit of having the SB active and go for it." @Oracle Why we should be paying for sandbox if we don't plan to use it for a year? @Oracle could we have a different account manager and supervisor? We been looking for a cloud ERP system with a stable api for live proccessing of our transactions Hello Roibu. We take our customer feedback very seriously as we strive to improve every aspect of your experience. Please reach out to your Account Manager directly and/or email me at so we can connect directly with you on feedback.

  • Kalid L.Chief Operating Officer

    Honestly, there is nothing that Netsuite gave us that our former software did not give us. The only difference is that the old software cost us $599/month and Netsuite is costing us $4000+/month. 1. Over promising and under delivery: The Netsuite team staring from sales to implementation to account management will lie and mislead you before, during and after your purchase. Their sales team is trained to professionally lie about deliverables and expectations. 2. Sales and revenue come first, customer last: Everytime I tried to express a concern or address a problem, Netsuite team will try to sell you another service which is very frustrating. How about you fix our current problem before you try to sell me another module? 3. Awful customer service: everything requires waiting. There is no over the phone tech support. You have to file a case and then someone will annoy you by sending you emails back and forth to then reach the most disappointing solution which most likely requires spending more money. Our account manager was really good at convincing us to get "premium support" and made it sound that it will be much better than basic and the difference was an added cost for the same type of service 4. Lies, lies and more lies: The Netsuite team lied to us about Netsuie being able to have serialized inventory but we found out that it does not support the type of inventory we have (again the sales rep lied). We were referred to a 3rd party that we had to pay out of pocket and they did not deliver on time and the migration team said that their migration window has expired and they had to leave. We then got stuck with an unfinished product. It took us a year to get up to speed and to finalize the migration. 5. Make them write everything on paper or email. Do not belive what they tell you. You have to be able to hold them liable for their lies. Remember, their job is to sell and make money. Customer is not a priority, money is. Keep that in mind at all times. Their team is trained to sell and lie. Very misleading company Do not believe sales reps. Make them document everything is writing because they will lie and say that they did or did not say something. better safe than sorry. Do not accept any verbal agreements or promises. Remember, you are not their priority. The sale is and the add on services they try to sell you are what is a priority. None. We have seen no benefits of switching software. If anything, Netsuite made our life a lot harder and required us to in fact hire more people just to run the software. Very costly

  • Verified User in Civic & Social OrganizationSmall-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

    Employee center is fairly easy to use. Flexibility in setting up necessary account segments. Automated balancing entries. Segment codes. We do have a "Customer Success Manager" who was assigned to our account pretty recently, who has been helpful in trying to get our ongoing issues resolved. The user interface is not particulary intuitive. Allocations don't work at all for us. Considerable trouble setting up electronic bill pay due to limitations on the NetSuite side (it won't accept an alphanumeric bank ID so we have to manually change the ID number every time we run a Nacha file). Considerable trouble getting financial reports set up the way we want them, and the financial reporting customization tool is extremely non-user-friendly and we have to do a lot of manual work to get financial statements the way we want them. Running 1099s (which you have to use a 3rd party app to do because NetSuite does not have this capability, which is absolutely nuts) was a nightmare because the export from NetSuite didn't work properly. But what we particularly dislike is the lack of customer support. For example, we submitted a support ticket for help with our 1099 issue and they told us to look up issue in their knowledge base (we did, there was no help there) -- so my staff accountant had to spend hours figuring out and fixing the issue on her own. Our biggest issue with NetSuite is that we are a nonprofit organization, and when we purchased NetSuite we were told that we could participate in NetSuite's probono Social Impact trainings, webinars and office hours. But when we actually attempted to register for these, we were told that we were ineligible because NetSuite decided that we were not a legitimate nonprofit organization; they have decided that we are a government agency (we are not). Many attempts to correct this have gone unanswered. Our account manager and the Social Impact team have simply stopped communicating with us about this and we are barred from participating. It's really just unbelievable and we are deeply unhappy about this. I honestly cannot recommend this software solution. Honestly, I cannot think of any problems we are solving that could not have been solved with another software solution. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We take our customer feedback very seriously as we strive to improve every aspect of your experience. Please reach out to your Account Manager directly and/or email me at so we can connect directly with you on feedback